The honey market in China is a big opportunity for all foreign Companies.

China honey production

Honey market in China

Honey, in Chinese (蜂蜜) has become so much a staple food that if you shop at a supermarket you will find it easier than sugar. Indeed, with a population of more than one billion 379 inhabitants consumption exceeds 300 000 tonnes per year, three times the volume exported, the Middle Kingdom is the world’s largest consumer of hive extract.
But also the world’s largest producer.

The production is exported to Europe, some Asian countries as an example of Japan or the United States. It is the official European supplier, to importing countries like Spain, Germany the United Kingdom. Indeed, the source of the Chinese honey, comes from small beekeepers of the Qinghai region of China, more exactly to the north-west of the country, a product which draws the doubt since it is likely to be counterfeited, which pushes to change the honey market in Asia-Pacific.

Repetitive counterfeit honey is hurting Chinese producers

Honey market in China

Few times when it comes to real honey in China, laboratories in the United States have begun to check the origin of the honey and its components to be able to certify it and therefore select the best honey for the consumer.
Chinese honey is generally labelled “made in Thailand”, the Philippines or Russia, and more recently Vietnam. And so as we will launder money and well in China we bleach honey! The honey from this country is therefore removed from the European market, from 2002 and finally in 2011 since it contained chemicals and preservatives that made it dangerous for health.
The counterfeit honey also affects the Chinese consumer, who uses this nectar to cook, it is an essential food for the population, it also uses it to heal, since it is an antibacterial and healing, and helps also to fight sore throat cough or insomnia.

Honey importers in China

New Zealand honey from Manuka

Here is honey that the Chinese trust, honey imported from New Zealand. Good news for China but not for the exporting country as it has to support a huge demand for production, in short, demand far exceeds supply in China. Consumption that has consequences for the honey industry abroad, especially New Zealand. The country has low production compared to the demand of Chinese consumers. During the year of 2016, product exports exceeded $ 24 million. And reached $ 3.5 million in Australia and about $ 1.2 million in the United States.

Why is New Zealand honey so successful?

Manuka honey is quite special since it comes from the juice of a tree that grows only in New Zealand or Australia, it has unique anti-bacterial properties. Chinese and even Hong Kong consumers, who take care of them and opt for quality products are constantly looking for this nectar, which has contributed to a growth of imports ie 1500 tons (the equivalent of $ 121.5 million) in 2014. New Zealand has a forecast for its imports, a decline in production of Manuka honey to $ 779 million annually at the 2028 scale. planned given the rarity of this type of honey but also the difficulty of its production, 250 grams of Manuka honey is sold at 218 dollars on e-commerce platforms in China: like Tmall, or Taobao.

Partnerships between New Zealand and China

Honey producers in New Zealand are increasingly dependent on Chinese demand. To better take advantage of this demand, New Zealand companies are partnering with its Chinese subsidiaries to expand the offer to Chinese cities, so honey is marketed on platforms like Tmall.
Faced with this market failure, Chinese beekeepers, producers, and distributors end up with counterfeit honey in their hands, so they have to review the quality of the honey they sell and review their marketing strategies to meet the demand for more growth in the face of discerning consumers who are more concerned about their health.

Good News!You can sell your honey in China, but you must adopt the right marketing strategy. Do you know what i mean???

Let me show you. The Chinese market is very different to the western

First of all, you have to make sure that you are visible on Baidu

Yes, i don’t talk about Google but Baidu. We talk about the first Chinese search engine with 80% of the search engine market. It’s a very important tool, if you miss it, you miss everything. You have to be visible on Baidu, try to be rank on the first page. Trust me alone it’s not a simple thing, you need a good digital marketing agency for this step. GMA is there for you, thank our innovative SEO on Baidu, we can ensure you that your products will be to the first page.

I know a lot of company have a website, but have you a Chinese website? if the answer is “No”

You absolute need a Chinese Website

Chinese customers won’t use your English or French Website because a lot of Chinese people don’t understand english or french so if you want reach them, just create a Chinese website.  This website will give you more credibility, and they feel more comfortable. keep in your mind that, there are nearly 900 million internet users so make sure that your website is open 24h/24 with a good customer service for answer to all the customer’s questions.

You could have a Chinese website but if you have a bad reputation you have nothing

You should invest on your Online Reputation

Who know what means “mianzi”(面子)? it means reputation/image and for every Chinese, the “Mianzi” means everything. you can be on Baidu, good website but if you have some bad comments or bad reputation, they don’t want work with you or buy or products. So be careful and take care of your brand or company image. It’s very important if you want do business in China. Bad reputation can definitely ruin your brand. We can help you to build a strong and good reputation in China.

I suppose some of you know a little the Chinese e-Commerce platforms, But do you know the best?

Chinese E-commerce Platforms

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E-Commerce in China is very incredible, it’s a powerful weapon if you really want to sell some products. there are some important e-commerce platforms such as Tmall,, Taobao and so on.

If you want to increase your chance to engage more customers and increase your sales, you must set up a Tmall store or Wechat store, it depends of your target. It’s very important.


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