Hong Kong needs more hotel rooms to host Chinese tourists



Hong Kong, a tourism destination

Hong Kong, once a little fishing village which became not only a commercial and military port but also an international financial center, is becoming a tourism destination.
In Hong Kong, the main attractions are Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories.


In 2010, over 36 million visitors came to Hong Kong, it means an growth by 30% compared to the year before. And in 2012, they were 48.6 million visitors. In the coming years, Hong Kong will definitely have to increase the number of hotels in order to host its tourists.

The task requires a solution specialized in tourism, exhibition and conventions industries; taking the fact that the number of tourists visiting Hong Kong will rise, especially due to the tourists from mainland China into consideration.

International hostel chains are trying to play their cards right

Because there are more and more Chinese tourists, famous hostels are being constructed in the mainland of China, in the big cities, and also 2nd rank and 3rd rank cities. A famous name or brand is a sign of quality and serious in Chinese eyes. This strategy is to make the Chinese aware of the name of these hotels as they will constitute the main tourists in the world in the future. Did you know most of the Chinese going abroad usually choose to stay in a hotel that they already know?

Tourism in China, an over-booming industry

By 2015,  1500 hotels will be built each year. But, with an occupation rate of five stars rooms of 64% in Shanghai and of only 7% in Hong Kong, these constructions may cause a waste.
In the same idea, 65 million flats and houses are empty all over China. They are commonly named “the ghost cities”. Even if the Chinese government implicitly admit this fact, many buildings are still being under construction.

The real estate bubble which occurred in the United States in 2007 may strike in China but with a bigger intensity.

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