Last week in Beijing, the Salad Brand Sweetie Salads tried an innovative marketing offline buzz inspired from the King Leonidas and his 300 at the Thermopyles battle.

China is not Greece and Sparta is not Beijing!

The thing is, Beijing is no Thermopylae, especially when it comes to discussing its space.

Trafic ridden Beijing and 300 Handsome young model to promote the brand were not a good mix even though the spectators were very much interested, especially the ladies.



Salad and 300? What’s the link?

Well, it was supposed to be health…green…Didn’t the spartan eat mostly meat by the way?

Here the symbol is misplaced, people may see the cape and fake uniforms before the message of body health transforming a buzz into a potential PR catastrophe.

This is an offline operation that ended up being the talk of the Chinese online community and the cause of many problems with the Chinese police.

Creativity, originality yes.. But try out your ideas and see how they faren, you may be surprised by your test audience reaction! And here it what happens when you have an epic buzz fail :



Buzz marketers, beware, creativity kills creativity. The brand wanted to be creative but lost itself and its product with a not so obvious message actually giving a bad image of the brand that may result in a loss of credibility, especially if you consider the online turmoil it triggered.

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