How about Luxury Brand Made-in-China?


Nowadays, we usually think that « made in China » means bad quality, low level product… except as far as the high technology brands are concerned. For example in Europe, we find a lot of cheap shops from China to buy clothes, shoes… Be aware.


The luxury Chinese brands are already implanted


The rules of the market include that a market has to adapt itself to its consumers, especially when the market (and we are talking about the luxury market) is growing.

Now that we are in China, we know that the luxury market is not only dominated by foreign brands although we always have this picture of France, Italia as qualitative creators. We studied Shanghai Tang last week, but we also have other example to quickly illustrate this trend.

We are also able to find some Chinese brand as lingerie is concerned, clothes, shoes…

The Luxury Institute published that 43% of chinese consumer plan to spend more in Luxury and High level goods in 2013. As a protectionist country, China are not able to let all its market to other countries regarding fashion. Let’s study the begin of the growth of “fashi’nese”.

Luxury brand of Chinese shoes

Stella Luna


The first example will be in “shoes category” with Stella Luna. This brand apparently belongs to a Taiwanese holding. Stella Luna includes more than 200 stores in Asia and has recently opened its first store… in Paris last December! The shoes are in a range of “accessible luxury” and offer shoes from 200 to 450€ … not exactly the same as the other Chinese stores located in Paris!

First store in Europe and the brand plan to extend its products in London and Milan. Paris, London, Milan, the most fashion city and fashion “place to be” around the world.


Chinese creators


I have three names in mind: Guo Pei, Xander Zhou and Shiatzy Chen

Guo Pei


The artist buzzed with her show « Legend of the Dragon » in Beijing last May. The label has been launched in 2007: Guo Pei is famous for her wonderful dresses, which look like princess dresses. Guo Pei was in a lot of medias in France in November, after a fashion show in Singapore; newspaper titles were « qualitative made in China » « The Chinese Chanel » …

One store currently exists in Shanghai.


guo pei 1 guo pei 2


Xander Zhou


The creator Xander Zhou attended a show for winter collection 2013 in London last week with other famous European creators. His style is the contrary of simplicity because he uses clothes that we are wearing in everyday’s life but adjust them with a crazy touch. Just have a look at the pictures.

By attending the London fashion week, the creator increases his awareness between the biggest names from fashion world.


Xander Zhou


Schiatzu Chen


The Chinese creator used to participate to the fashion week in Paris for four years. Knew all around the world, she travel from events to an other fashion events: Fashion weeks, Audi fashion festival (a big contest with all Asian designers), inaugurations…

3 flagship stores in Tapei, Shanghai, Paris.

Her collection are inspired by Chinese traditional art.


luxury poster in China


China has a lot of resources to seduce the world


Even if the population and the consumers used to live in a conformism environment where there is not a lot of creativity but a lot of authority and rules, nowadays people tend to think different, they want to be recognized and the first step is maybe the style. Now, everybody has a fake or real Louis Vuitton bag, people and high level classes are looking for distinction, social statut recognition, credibility… and they are looking for unique creation and precious ones.

That’s why we can notice two tendencies: on one hand, people develop some brands, concepts and try to go abroad but people also tend to buy more by the creators than the brands used by everybody. Nonetheless, designers and young brands have a big potential in China and if they can prove an “innovation touch”, they will contribute of the changes of China image all around the world and maybe participate to the diffusion of a luxury “made in China” in Western countries. That’s already begun…