A numerical palindrome and a date that sticks in the minds of those who were in some way affected by World War II. For Alibaba however, the number 1111 has taken on a new meaning; one they hope to exploit to bring them handsome profit.

Double 11 Single Day 

Since 2011, Alibaba has continually worked to transform the number 1111 in the minds of Chinese consumers from an Arabic numeral to a symbol of a shopping festival. As a result, “Singles Day” in China is now both a combined bargain hunting and dating frenzy.
It is Alibaba’s goal to make the influence of November 11th a global phenomenon, and thus, they have decided to put a lot of impetus on the event itself. The name has been changed to appeal to a wider audience, now becoming the “11.11 Global Shopping Festival”, in the hope that customers will jump on the bandwagon, believing that this festival will now be able to attract attention from around the world.

As a part of their re-branding process, Alibaba have also indulged in some primary marketing to expand, with a television advert launched to make customers aware of the upcoming festival. It will include 4 sets of every object included in the advert to reinforce the message of “11.11”. In this way, Alibaba can subconsciously get into the minds of the consumers to keep them thinking of the festival itself, without directly mentioning it. This subtle marketing strategy will increase interest from the customer base, as it informs without overloading customers with information.
Watching the advert, you may notice lobsters and fish, accentuating the new direction of Alibaba’s marketing techniques. They are moving into fresh produce, and want emphasis on their superior logistics network. Delivery from China in 3 days, thanks to their 3, 000 delivery partners. Do you believe them? It seems that you’ll have to try their service to find out, and that means paying right into their pockets. Will you be sucked in to the Alibaba promotion machine?


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Posted by China Marketing on Thursday, November 19, 2015