The car in China is more than a simple transportation tool, it is a pride. The streets are large, the parking lot empty, China gives car owners considerable freedom to ride as they will. Thanks to this opportunity, the size of the car is no longer a problem. Furthermore, Chinese customers gives an extra value to their car because it also represents the social and economic success of a person. Hence, big and small cars from any kind are taking over the street, even the most incredible ones (see below picture)


Unimog, a gadget for rich Chinese

Everything is there, the purchasing power is strong driven by the need to express success, however, the choices are vast. So what do car brands to stand out? How do they communicate?

The automotive market is reaching out to an XY generation, young adults born between 1985 and 1995 and who grew up in the boom of the Internet. These are also young people who since birth, have lived in the rapid economic development of China that gave consumer needs influenced by modern advertisement.

The entertainment Marketing

The entertainment marketing is one of those modern advertisings. They can be found in television advertising placements in TV shows, in the events, etc. Today, the big groups are closely looking for the opportunities to promote their products from this way and allocate in advance a budget for this purpose. Just watch the most popular shows on Chinese television, as Running-Man and you will see very clearly the product placement. Besides, we have seen the fruits of that communication by the growth of 76% in 2013 of Infinity after its placement in the same year in the Chinese Drama Dad, Where are you going.

Running Man VW

Running Man and Lamando, Volkswagen

Embedded technology

Still to attract those young people, the companies invest more on R & D to offer to these customers a new embedded technology approach. Indeed, born in technology, this generation is very sensitive to the gadgets and is curious. A big engine is not enough, nor even the safety of a car. Thus, appeared many kind of gadget, such as head-up display, automatic parking, embedded OS of Apple and Google, etc.

Tete Haute HUD

Regionally targeted marketing

From one region to another, habits and lifestyle change and communication has to change too. Automotive brands have understood this and have quickly adapted adequate communication for different regions of China. Communication channels differ with different messages. They avoid talking about car sunroofs in areas where it rains more, and in comparison, they will focus more on luxury in wealthy cities( more here.

Emotional communication

There is no way to talk only about car, it is no more enough. The customers of this market is more sensitive, more refined, and ask to be moved. Therefore, the automotive groups no longer rely on the characteristics of a car but the history it can bring. For example, the latest television advertising about DS car highlights Sophie Marceau more than the car. You must understand that Citroen wants to play the French image as a result of purchase. Note that she has become the biggest French star thanks to her appearance in 2014 for the annual gala on CCTV.

Sophie Marceau DS

Word of mouth

Although some markets word of mouth no longer works, it still remains one of the best communication tools in the automotive market. As in business, young people from the years 80, 90 give an important value to the words given by their relatives. They rely on the experiences.

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