Nokia “Strong Phone Campaign” Creates a Fashion


When all the other cellphone producers are trying their best to convince consumers their products are “the smartest phone”, there’s one branding their phones as “the strongest phone” ever. Some people say it’s because the creativity of Nokia engineers is stolen by aliens. No matter what the reason is, Nokia does lead a fashion.

Nokia original comic

Nokia original comic


Here’s the comic put by Nokia itself on their website.  In the comic, the Nokia cellphone was compared as the hammer of Thor. And soon after this, many similar funny comics about Nokia appeared on Chinese website.


Nokia comics on Chinese Website

Nokia Comic1


-I dropped my Nokia into the toilet, but what matters is not the cellphone

-Er? You mean…


Nokia Comic2


-(10 years ago)Papa, I want a cellphone

-ok, but promise you won’t change until this one’s broken.




Nokia comic 3


-Break it, you will get 3 million in cash!


Nokia Comic4


(a Kong Fu master has learnt “Iron Head”)

-(Durian thrown on his head) Nothing

-(Arrow) Nothing

-(Iron pipe) Is that mosquito?

-(Angry bird) What’s that? A little bit itchy.

-(Nokia) ….. The tomb of the Master


Nokia Comic5


-When I was playing with my Nokia, I accidently dropped it on the floor, and……


Nokia Comic7



Netizens interact with Nokia

This series of comics has been put on many forums and SNS sitesand caught a considerable of attention. Some people think it’s very funny and some of them think Nokia is definitely the strongest one.


(Nokia is a good assistant for carpenter)


(Nokia, the symbol of strength!)

In fact, Chinese netizens not only share and comment, but also creates new content around “the strongest phone” so far.

(When hang out my quilt two days ago, I dropped my Nokia on the cement floor.  I thought my Nokia was finally dead and happy at getting a reason to change a cellphone. However, when I went down to pick my Nokia which is now in five whole pieces, I discovered that I have dreamed too much!!! Because it’s GODLIKE Nokia!!!…)

(I suggest Nokia develop laptop, especially those will never break when drop from 2-meter high bed. Then I don’t need to call after-service.)

(The favorite game of my baby is “throwing cellphone away” and he has already destroyed many phones.  None of those cellphones with big screen can survive. So I find out my Nokia used 2 years ago and I find it still works after charge. What a good quality! No I don’t worry any more because the “unbroken toy” has come lol)

Why “strong Nokia” gets popular?

Among all the smartphone producers, Nokia is probably not the one who invest most in marketing in China, but they really gets a very good result. Their success mainly thank to their precise targeting and the use of the blank in smartphone marketing and of the popular element.

1. Precise targeting

Almost all the posts and comics about the strong Nokia are post on forum and SNS where most young Chinese will spend their leisure time.  And it is the young people who are the potential consumers of cellphones. In other word, those contents reach the targeted customers precisely.


What’s more, the content generated by Nokia is very funny and entertaining which is greatly satisfy young netizens hunger for fun and pleasure because most of  young people, such as me,  surf online for spending their leisure time for relax and pleasure.


Nokia is used to open Walnut

The last and also important fact is that in this way, Nokia comes closer to the consumers compared with other brands. It’s more like a funny friend who can make jokes with you other than a salesman sitting in front of you and explaining all the advantage of his cellphone.

Although Nokia didn’t integrate press relations into this campaign, it still achieves a great result.

2. Using the blank in smartphone marketing

Before this campaign, Nokia has been criticized for no creativity for a long time.

Some people even say that the creativity of Nokia designers is stolen by aliens. But I guess it is Nokia marketing department wh0 steals the creativity. They creat a selling point that nobody is using now in smartphone market.  With this strategy, Nokia can

  • avoid direct competition with other big companies like Apple and Sumsung;
  • differentiate itself from the others;
  • let fans more engaged in the campaign.

The competition now in smartphone is a mass and most brands are fighting for the same selling point like the one with most functions. If Nokia takes the same positioning, it will take them a lot of budget but to reach a normal result.  But the new strategy helps them avoid it. What makes it even better is that Chinese netizens like it very much and they not only totally accept that but also create new content for that.

3. Using the popular element

Those interesting comics are created as Rage comics, which is very popular in China this year. The use of Rage Comics obviously helps Nokia be more attractive to young netizens who are sensitive to fashion.


These three reasons explain why Nokia could be so famous in China for its “indestructibility”.

To create a unique selling point is now a very popular and cost-efficient way to promote a brand who targeting on young people in China now. It’s true that it is extremely hard and sometimes risky to create a selling point like a “strong smartphone”, but once it’s created, you can get a great result from it.


Source: Weibo

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