It is clear these days that Social Media has revolutionised the world. The way we act, the way we interact with others. Most importantly for businesses, however, is the way that social media has aided the expansion of mobile technology and e-commerce. There isn’t a day where people don’t “buzz” about what they bought, telling everyone in their online bubble. Social media has now become so prevalent that customers are making purchasing decisions based on other people’s online opinions. This phenomenon can clearly be seen in the Year-End holidays.


Fan BingBing announces on Weibo that She has a new boyfriend

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Social media in China is changing small businesses

There is no doubt that social media has helped companies create an augmented product experience for their customers. From instant after-sales service to ratification for people’s purchases from their peers, the social media world has brought an extra dimension to customer’s purchasing experiences.
Whether you’re an e-retailer or a brick-and-mortar store, you must now better understand the festive shopper journey and how social media platforms influence product consideration, discovery and purchases.

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Social Media in China for Brands

Social media interaction from companies relies heavily on flawless customer service and businesses must be aware that if the service provided isn’t perfect, then an alternative brand offering is just a click away. Staff should be trained in reacting promptly, politely and efficiently to queries posed by customers to get the best results for the company.
Although the final result is generally a pleasant one, festive buying is always a stressful experience and companies must not lose sight of this. “Do I buy the red or the yellow lorry for my son?”, is the question going through most parents’ minds. Thus, bringing in a responsive and effective customer service team will be a real boost to your brand image and will enhance your chance of future sales. Shoppers also increasingly engage with brands on social media to get product information. When these users receive a response, 77% feel more positive about the brand (Vertical Profile, Millward Brown, 2014).

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Encouraging customers to post about and share their holiday buys is an underused tactic that can truly be very effective. How many times have you seen someone using a product in a picture on Facebook and then thought to yourself, “I’d like one of those!”?. Figures back up this theory, as 52% of users say they purchased a product they first learned about on Twitter.


Social Media and Shopping trends!

When is the best time to do festive shopping? Well, according to research, the bulk of buying takes place after working hours, with 83% of purchases occurring between 8pm to 12am. With this in mind, companies should indulge in some workforce planning to ensure that late shifts aren’t understaffed.
In short, for a successful online business, you need a strong, dedicated and pleasant workforce, a brilliant social media campaign in addition to an impeccable purchasing journey for the customer. If both of these requirements are met, then it’s likely that your on-line business will be flourishing by the time the Chinese new year offers start on the TV.


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