How Switzerland Attracted Tourists from China?



Switzerland is not a very attractive country in terms of tourism for us, Europeans , but for the Chinese, it is one of the best destinations in Europe.

Switzerland is a small country, without worldwide recognized monuments, no wonderful landscapes or beaches. And yet  this country attract hundreds of thousands of Chinese every year and is very popular in China for its mountains, cottages and luxury shops, especially for its watches.

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland, the number of tourists coming from the world decreased, but Chinese tourists in 2011 increased by 47%. The majority of Chinese tourists only stay a few days.

Thus many Swiss agencies specialized in organizing trips for Chinese have adapted their offers to Chinese tourists needs. They identified the most interesting places for this public and communicated on their strengths.



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Chinese do not have cottages in China. They appreciate these wooden houses with an incomparable charm.


Switz cottage


Switzerland is the land of cheese


Switzerland is the land of cheese for the Chinese, with their Gruyère, a natural cheese. Chinese people usually do not like dairy products, and generally eat only cheese with little taste.


switz cheese


Chinese like to discover the switzerland’s but agencies take good care to propose at least one Chinese meal per day to their Chinese visitors.


Switzerland’s Folklore


Chinese tourists like to bring thousands of funny pictures of them with Guillaume Tel’s costume, of the castle of Chillon or of women in traditional clothes.

That’s what we can see on the Chinese Internet !


Switz traditions


switz cows


Lausanne has also taken a prominent place in the heart of the Chinese.


 Mountain landscapes


Switz travel






The Alps

The country where you find the most beautiful mountains in Europe is Switzerland in the eyes of the Chinese. Indeed, the majority of Chinese who work in travel agencies are convinced that the Alps are only available in Switzerland.

Nowadays Switzerland is the country of reference for Chinese who want to ski !


 Switzerland Ski


Behind this is a poster but it does not matter, it’s wonderful 🙂

You should also know that the majority of Chinese people do not know that France has also many wonderful ski resorts.


Luxury in Switzerland

Switzerland is a rich country and attracts wealthy visitors. Luxury Hotels, luxury watches’ shops, shops of Jewelry & Accessories and other luxury goods  gives face to the wealthy Chinese tourist because they can affirm their social status.

Individual visas are delivered by the Swiss authorities and more and more visitors come to Switzerland with Business Visa with the support of their companies.



Chinese tourists are addicted to shopping when they travel abroad. Indeed they spend much than 50% of their budget to purchase luxury products. Chinese tourists in Switzerland will go shopping  3 days out of 10 on average.

. chinese tourists


Switzerland is one of the most favored estination for Chinese businessmen or party officials who are fond of luxurious watches.

According to the latest survey by (China’s largest online travel service provider), 80 % of respondents aged between 20 and 45 wanted to travel to Switzerland.

The boom of Chinese tourism in Switzerland is due to:

– The rapid growth of the Chinese economy

– The good communication of Chinese tourism agencies

-The adaptation of Switzerland to facilitate the stay of Chinese citizens. For instance, the capacity to withdraw money at ATMs throughout Switzerland with China Unionpay cards.


How Businesses in Tourism can attract Chinese Tourists ?

When Chinese wants to travel, they search, start their search on Baidu, the number one search engine…

Tips 1 : Build Chinese Website 

Chinese do not like to read English… They prefer get information in Chinese, from Chinese People

Tips 2 : Be Visible on Baidu 

We can help you to get the Top page of Baidu, and get Traffic,

Traffic = People searching information = Potiential Clients = Some of them will ask quotation

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Tips 3 Social Media = WeChat 

To communicate with them, the best way is WeChat , the Chinese super App, you can writte, contact them and with an official account let them follow you. The Followers are more like subscriber, like a newsletter. They will receive article from your part every week. You have to produce interesting content, about Swizerland, Europe etc…

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Tips 4 Ereputation 

Chinese Will double check information about you, they will not search what you writte on your website, but what 3rd party say. Media, Other travellers, influencers…

You have to conquier the Chinese Travel Media, get good relationship with influencers, and let travellers writte good words about you on Forums, questions answers…



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