The most luxurious brands on the world, like Bergdorf, Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Prada, Christian Dior, Bloomingdales, Tiffany & Co., Max Mara, Macy’s, etc., have used the Chinese New Year to try to attract richest chinese custommers known for their tendency to spend much money easily.


So, the biggest brands are going to create limited editions, bring chinese speaking staff, personnal stylists, offer gift cards or sent invitations to their best clients for their VIP after partys, after stores closing.


In 2012, Chinese were the most spendthrifts in luxurious clothes in the world, they represent 27% of the buyers in the world. This pourcentage should increase to 35% this year according to The Global Institute of McKinsey. Last year, they have sepend more than 380 billion Yuans in luxurious products.


Luxurious brands have to resist to keep exclusivity, authenticiy and cachet with their priviligied consummers.


Nowadays, it’s not shoking to see many chinese people in front of luxurious shops in the 5th Avenue in New-York, and attracting them became and obligation for big brands.


It’s important to know that China has the culture of luxury since more than 5000 years with old rich and elegant dynastys . But this traditionnal culture has been removed by communism 65 years ago, who adopted the red dominant color that we can find everywhere, in their flag or in the children clothes at school.


Red’s origin

china flag

During the Chinese new year, we can find in most shops some gold yellow on red landscape, the red for the communisme and the yellow for buddhisme, We can also find puprle, that represent Taoisme. Buddhism and Taoisme that are two traditionnal chinese spiritual religions.


Both colors were also weared by most emperors, kings and chinese high society people, and are finally more used than the red to don’t abuse of it.


However, it’s important to notice that brands sometimes avoid these rich chinese custommers because of their behaviour. In fact, some of them have a really bad and disrespectful bahaviour. So even if the brand are attracts by their money, they don’t want their brand to be associated to them.

In another side, there is some chinese people who want to avoid some classic brands like Louis Vuitton because they don’t want to be assimilated to the new rich cliché, and moreover in China, there is so much fake products of this brand in China. So, some of them prefere to buy products from new americal brands like Tory Burch.


So, we have some differents cases, and that really complicate marketers work ? Some brands have even begin to sell their products on Taobao, owned by the giant Alibaba know for selling fake products.

This is a risk for the brands, especially as big brands that only selled to richest people, see average class travel more and also buy their products. So the challenge for them is to keep tht two categorys among their custommers.


Pack of tourists

touristes chinois étranger

Some factors are gone to influence chinese people buying decision, and they prefer more and more new privilegied destinations to do their shopping.

Actually, the half of chinese people shooping will be done abroad because they pay less taxes, so it’s better for them to travel and buy some clothes. Moreover, since the beginning of the anti-corruption campaign of Xi Jinping, selling luxurious products in China has really decreased.


Besides, with the new american politic that facilitate the obtention of Visa that is more longer, doing its shopping in the USA is more simple and affordable and brand know that. It’s the reason why, during the Chinese New year, we can see many shops and streets orned with red, yellow and purple.

Chinese new year is the most important event of the year for Chinese and the longest too, frome the 18th of february to the 5th of March.


Using new marketing strategys


In side of traditionnal marketing strategys, there is some modern strategys that appears recently and that are characteristic of chinese people like we are gonna see.


Marketing campaigns on WeChat


Many brands use WeChat’s influence to creat offline interactions.

There is a growing trend in China, and especially on WeChat, to create Online to ofline campaigns. The idea is simple, you have to create engaging content that will produce offline results.

Many brands offer promotions, coupons,etc… to attract consummers in their stores or to make theme participate to their events. While brands use the 020, WeChat is looking increasing e-commerce.

Le future of marketing on WeChat in uncertain, but since the application attracts all days more and more consummers, and since big markets like in India or Brasil, brands have understand the news opportunities that WeChat brings.

Lets take the exemple of Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphones producer, that solds more than 150 000 units of its last modele, the Mi-3 in less than 10 minutes, thanks to the app.

If you are not interested by WeChat’s impact, nothing will interest you.




The e-PR


The specialized press relations allows to inform professionals of the reliability of its services, and so became very efficient web marketing tools, an expert gratitude is also a positive point.

The industrialist sector or B2B often overlook the marketing, and this is a mistake because chinese trust expert companies in their domain, so on their brand.

Finally, this article shows us that the indutrialist sector is in expansion, and that the companies of the sector look for more and more presence in China, and to succed in this country, using webmarketing became obligatory, and represents a real key of success.


The importance of key leaders (Kol’s) in Chinese social media 


These are in China influential opinion leaders, and people see them as experts on different subjects they give their view and opinion on, so they are especially popular in China.

The benefit of that is that these « KOL » can be recruited by companies and become a marketing instrument to share a positive message about a brand, so companies can directly touch a large community and reach thousands or even millions of potential consumers by this way.

So, the digital solution has become extremly effective in China, more than western countries, where celebrities exists, they are followed by thousands of people too, but don’t have the same marketing influence.


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