Best Guide available on the Web about How to Attract Chinese Tourists (2019 Update) with Solutions and Case studies of SME performing in the Chinese Market

About Chinese Tourists in 2020


In 2020, Chinese tourists are more mature and want to have special travel experiences.

11% of Chinese People have a passport, so I let you imagie the size of this market in 5years.

There are many Chinese travellers travelling or planning to travel to the world, and the vast majority of these visitors usually only visits a few places they are familiar with like Paris, Provence and a new popular destination in Asia and so on.


The Chinese have a rather limited vision of Travel.

Their idea of France usually comes from movies, television series or what they read in the media or microblogs. In order to reach this large demographic of travellers, one must understand the unique web surfing pattern of Chinese people.



10 ways to attract Chinese outbound tourists

  1. Partnerships with local Chinese agencies

  2. Digital Marketing: THE best way to Get Chinese Tourists

  3. Having a Website in Chinese

  4. SEO on Baidu: Great Source of Traffic

  5. Quality Content Matters in Travel industry

  6. Traffic Acquisition SEM & Ads

  7. WeChat To Create Engagement

  8. e-PR (Press Relations)

  9. The Key Opinion Leader or Stars

  10. Chinese Traveller Forums



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Chinese Outbound Tourists are the Opportunities for thousand of Travel Businesses because

  1. More and more Chinese are travelling abroad : +20% per Year
  2. They spend more than average Travellers
  3. and because Soon they Will be the Biggest source of international travellers in every country of the Globe.


But there are ways to get Outbound Chinese Tourists!


Let us look at an overview of possibilities for the tourism industry to attract the attention of Chinese travellers.


How to attract Chinese outbound Tourists

Here is a range of solutions. update 2020


Having a great Website in Chinese

Having a website in Chinese is probably the first action required to make yourself known to your customers.



AigueMarine’s website in Chinese shows pictures of France, High-End travel, lifestyle, shops, to peak interests of Chinese travellers due to their love for shopping when travelling to the land of luxury designer goods.

AigueMarine is the leading Luxury Travel Agency for Europe for Chinese high-end Clients.


Traffic Acquisition SEO & SEM

The best is to have your site hosted in China, for faster loading. It is crucial to have visitors on your website to arouse their interest, and it must attract visitors by SEM (pay per click, banners …) or SEO, talk about your website on forums.

SEO on Baidu: Great Source of Traffic

Baidu is the Chinese Search Engine, and get on the Top position of Chinese Search Engine on Popular request will require the Travel Agency, the Hotel or the Tourism Company high-quality visitors.

We can help you to optimize your Website on Baidu. (We have a lot of positive experiences)


Want partnerships with local Chinese agencies?

Chinese People stop to travel to Groups in 2018. 70% of them are independent travellers (FIT) and only 30% are Groups.

Most of Traveller book their trip online in China, 80% of the tourism industry in Online.

Most of the Free independent travellers are searching for a local experience. They are young, middle class and want to discover the world.

VISA policy is better for Chinese, so no need to use travel agents anymore.


Few need travel Agency like 5years ago.

Chinese Travel Agencies are for old People and Poor Travellers.

-Language barrier: many Chinese old People do not speak English so they need a guide to guide them

-Fear of adventure: most old and poor Chinese people have never travelled abroad until the recent decade, so they are less eager to explore alone.

-Groups: In the Chinese culture old people are used to doing things in groups.

-Price benefit: travelling with a travel agency is much cheaper than travelling in a single or small group, and for a price-sensitive society like China, it is one of the driving factors for group travel.


Chinese Travel Agencies do not need a local partner

They want to use them, copy their itinerary but, it is in 2018 difficult to get Clients from Chinese Traditional Travel Agency.

We have a list of Travel agencies, but it is difficult to collaborate, they have specific requirements and are already working with contractors for many years.

A good reputation is a must to work with them, or a unique advantage.



Digital Marketing: THE best way to Get Chinese Tourists

Internet in China is increasing its influence, both large and small brands utilize the internet to promote their businesses. Whether by direct promotion with banners or indirect via Buzz or public relations, online communication has now become almost mandatory.

=> A low initial investment, ROI (Return on Investment) generally good and measurable, a wide range of media, interactivity with the customer … all these factors make online promotion a big factor in the Chinese tourism sector.



The Multimedia: Quality Content Matters on Douyin

Using quality Multimedia is a particularly effective tool in the travel industry. The tourist has to have a fantasy image of the country he will visit. Attractive pictures, videos of fantasy-like images are used by agencies to attract customers looking for a trip, but also to raise awareness about their vacation destination.

New Zealand conducted a major operation in digital communications and succeeded in attracting many Chinese tourists.

.Striking pictures to attract attention online



Today, the hottest video App platform is douyin, it allowed any user to share video. It is fast, simple and really viral. 

To maximize your douyin exposure you have to share your travel content. 


Social Networks in China : To Create Engagement

Internet influence on Chinese citizens has become vast and wide. The major part of Chinese Internet users spend time on is on social networks, like Weibo.


Weibo is still popular in Travel 

Weibo is a mix between twitter and facebook, it combines the responsiveness of twitter, looking for information with the social and playful side of Facebook.

Communicating on Weibo starts by opening an account, obtaining certifications, publishing interesting content, interacting with Internet users around the goal of building a community. Weibo has become a very powerful tool, the number of fans can add up quickly and allows you to spread your offer to up to 80 million active users according to figures reported on Weibo.


WeChat, to create personal connexion 

WeChat is the number one social Media in China. You can open an official account and publish news, like a Blog or newsletters.

After, you can use Advertising to spread the Message or Groups sharing, do community management to get more followers and reach new Clients.

  • You need to have an official account 
  • have a WeChat H5 ebrochure
  • Then create content on Wechat 
  • and share on groups 



e-PR (Press Relations)

Doing PR in China is very important. It allows you to promote your service to a wide variety of Chinese citizens. This communication is primarily with rich visuals or feedbacks and testimonials from people who have visited the country.

Online Public relation in China and particularly in the travel industry is increasing at a rapid rate.

A new article on a Chinese site can be viewed by tens of thousands of times!




The Key Opinion Leader or Stars

KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) or stars have this ability to influence a lot of Chinese people with their communities and the secondary network of their fans. These leaders are well respected and have a strong influence on large numbers of fans. Their movements are followed and talked about by millions of Internet users.

Angela Baby a star from Hong Kong had the massive amounts of comments on his Weibo when it unveiled its microblog on his stay in France.




New Zealand hired Yaochen to spread their country’s message in China and the bet paid off big time! (See Communication from New Zealand)


See also how Chinese tourist choose their hotel!




Chinese people do not read magazines, but they real online Magazine.

e-publications in China are few but qualitative and the information has an influence on the targetted travellers like magazines in the Western world.

In the tourism sector, there are some interesting magazines, but the scope is difficult to assess because the numbers are often inflated. Publication costs are heterogeneous and sometimes abnormally high.

Chinese Traveller Forums

It is super powerful today, these Travplatforms are really useful and contain a lot of useful information for independent travellers, where to go, where to go shopping, what to see, where to sleep…

Mafengwo is one of the most popular



Cinema: Product placement perfect for Destination

Film and television is a medium form of communication to inform the Chinese public of your travel destination. A movie watched by millions of Chinese can make a lasting memory and do wonders. A hit TV series is an ultimate weapon which profoundly influences the mass public.

Today, film or other audiovisual up brands in the real emotional and identifiable by the consumer.

A Chateau Lafite for special occasions, a Mac for professionals, an ice Haagen-Dazs to seduce a beautiful girl … It was during a scene that the consumer thinks the best use of the product or in a place.

This discipline is called product placement, a marketing technique to maturity in the U.S. today, and progress in China.

The cinema is a reflection of life, real life or the life that you would like to have. The spectator believes what he sees.

Many companies help shape this reality and allow the director to create his fictional universe.


The TV series “Dream links”

Also Stars promotion for tourism in China



This process is very difficult by China, few foreign companies are able to do this (unlike Hollywood movies). The majority of the achievements is the chance to promote Country.

It remains possible and demand huge budgets but I think these actions are a frightening efficiency. Brand placement in films is also used by all companies at the forefront of Marketing (BMW, Apple, LMVH …)

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I think you’re all in this article offers regarding your communication with the Chinese target.


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