How to market Furniture brands in China? 

But how do people purchase furniture? How can you promote your furniture brand in China?

There is a key idea that you might understand before going into deep explanation in our analysis. Consumers that want to purchase furniture will first looking through Internet and after that they will go directly in stores to purchase their furniture.

So the main question remain, how to promote your furniture brand in China?

Social medias

There are two main tools on social Medias that you can use is Wechat and Weibo. Both are the easiest way to promote your furniture brand. Why? Let’s take the below example

furniture 2

Why Wechat is a so effective tool? It’s because you have so many information gathering in just one post. The first point to notice is the name of the furniture brand on which you can click on to get access to the official brand account on Wechat. The second point is the marker just right beside the post that is marking the post as an ads. The third point is the external link to your website for example, the WeChat user can see more of your products by visiting your website. The last point is the comments, you have the opportunity to get closer to your target audience by interacting directly with them.

social Media China furniture

Online Branding

furniture 3

Every brand need to have a strong brand image online with the main goal to attract customers. Basically you have to build your own name within your field area, if people search on Internet and they didn’t find any significant online presence of your company, they won’t trust you and your products. Trying to lead your strategy towards a more “pull strategy” meaning let the customers find you. In order to be successful with it, you have optimized your online branding strategy.

Online Press Release

Especially concerning the furniture equipment, you have some specialized website dedicating to this kind of products where you can create your own press release content in order to reach your targeted customers. When people want to purchase special furniture goods, they will looking at targeted websites.

furniture China PR

Influencers campaign 

In this case, KOL won’t be the case of this world famous superstar taking a picture of himself using one of your product. It could have probably worked but there is another key opinion leader really more efficient for these kind of products: the furniture and design magazines and magazines about interior design.

Design Magazines are the main source of information for common people, while interior design magazines are more dedicated to the more “professional ones” seeking out for quality products and want to get a real complete deep study of their home, which one is fit better? Which style? Which color.

Moreover besides magazines, having a cooperation with high-end real estate developers can be really interesting, as most the clients of the property are also the most potential clients of high-end furniture.

furniture influencer

Ethnicraft example

Let’s talk about Ethnicraft, founded and managed by Belgian group entrepreneurs that has succeed to get a solid strategy digital marketing strategy to lead the society to these results:

“European furniture brands” got ranked 5th at the first page

“Where to buy furniture in Shanghai” got ranked 1st at the first page

“Shanghai furniture exhibition 2015”got ranked 1st at the second page

Here some key secrets of Ethnicraft’success: the first one is being present on Baidu News.


Everyone knows how to be well ranked on a search engine page, you have PPC ranking and natural one with SEO. Actually there is another one on Baidu, its’ Baidu News, and you might not neglect it. If you have quality news, you can be ranked on the first page of Baidu News.

Ethnicraft has choose to combine online website with physical ones. Consumers can go online and select their products and make order. But if they want to know more, they can directly go to the showroom.

With its new showroom in Jing An at Shanghai, consumer can make appointments to see the products in real and live the experience for real.

Nice video and Photos is the Key

Chinese consumers need to have the right feeling about what they are going to Buy. This Company has braodcast his video on Social Media and in the first page of Baidu.

They get great exposure among the right consumers “people who search furniture”

furniture China


Company like Ethnicraft has invest in a nice video, introducing their product in order to get people who come for visiting their Shop.

Conclusion :

If you really want to market your furniture company in China, use Online to attract consumers into your shop.

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