China has a huge internal plastic production market with more than 15000 factories. 15000 own suppliers. Definitely, these 15000 factories are capable of satisfying the market’s demand. What is true is that they also satisfy the demand for plastic production machinery all over the world.

China accounts for the largest part of mold and molding machines production (including blowing and injection processes) in the world. For injection molding alone they occupy the top rank.

Why is China second to none in molding machinery production?

  1. Cost-effective.

Even though being a plastic mold and/or machinery manufacturer requires quite a fortune to start, labour cost still plays a big part on a long-term basis. Labour is still relatively cheap in China.

  1. Suitable for small-scale and large-scale production both.

They agree to take on any order of any quantity. They also can fit in any budget. Moreover, when it comes to molds, they can offer a wide range of molds available – there’s no need to wait until they produce it anew.

  1. Introduction of technological advances.

Automation is on the rise in China. Robotics is the field they invest in a lot now to optimize the production. It is predicted that by 2020 automated installations in China would mount to 150 per 10000 humans.

  1. Infrastructure.

Chinese railways, highways, river ways and smart logistics overall contribute to the reduction of transportation costs.

  1. Capacity.

There are just a lot of manufacturers in the field, a very wide selection.

However, this doesn’t mean they would turn blind eye to a foreign manufacturer of molds or molding machines. What is important is to provide solutions for their internal market problems.

What are the problems in their own market?

  1. Quality.

Well, of course, when you have a huge quantity on offer, you might lose in quality. Accuracy is very important in molds, in particular. With a small budget, you can rarely expect that.

  1. Production time.

Lower quality results in longer production time. Imagine they have made a mold within a month or two and something is wrong. You then have to wait twice more until it is rectified or you find another manufacturer.

  1. Planning.

Sometimes they just don’t stick to the plan. That’s also your time.

So, if you can be the one to solve these problems, why not to bid for entering this market? Try to put a stress on your quality and go for it.

How to enter the Chinese plastic molding market, you might ask

The 5 general steps to attract Chinese companies to buy your plastic molds and/or molding machines are as follows:


When you are not in China, you might start searching for potential clients and give them calls to make them buy you mold or a molding machine. But when Chinese people, including the professional B2B actors, want to buy something they go on the Internet and they look for the information. So they have to find the information about you. What’s more, the information should be presented in an appealing way – they should get a good impression. Your website is your face. You should make your face look beautiful.

China is very independent in all its systems. They use their own internet, own language, they have their own perception. So it is far more than knowing their culture a little bit and marketing your equipment with a focus on some peculiarities. Everything here should be done like they do it.

Even if it concerns a website.


What is a Chinese-friendly website?
  • A website in Chinese (they mostly don’t speak English..and they don’t need it, because there are many local manufacturers who can speak their own language to them, if you still remember that);
  • A website with Chinese hosting, or HongKong and Singapore are also okay (you will never know if your foreign website might get blocked one day or no. Yours should be accessible at all times from any place around China and be fast on loading pages);
  • A website with a Click-to-Chat option (to let your future leads contact you at their earliest convenience and get a prompt response);
  • A website with no useless links to blocked foreign websites or platforms (including FB, Youtube, etc.) but with links or QR-codes to official accounts in Chinese platforms (I’ve cover this later);
  • A website with content Chinese might like (nice pictures and videos of how you machines work, a lot of information, animation, etc.);
  • A website that hint you have respected clients working with you;
  • A website with a stress on quality of your molds and molding machines (it is a good idea to place your ISO, CE certificated on the website, though remember to translate them into Chinese, otherwise they have no effect on a Chinese buyer).

You can bear than in mind that even though there are 15000 factories here, only a small part of those have a website. Those who have a website are large actors with perfect image in the field of plastic mold manufacturing in China. So once they look for a producer like you, you should make them already have all the information at their disposal.


The question is how they find you. How do they get on that website?

They will go to Baidu, Chinese Google, to find a blowing machine, or blowing molds, or an injection machine, or molds for injection. They will only pay attention to the links that appear on the first page. So, your website has to be there.

How to make your website appear on top in Baidu?

Option 1. You can pay to Baidu, they will place Pay-per-Click ads for you. This option is okay only if you are in hurry (it works fast, just as you pay) and you basically don’t care who your leads are (good quality buyers won’t click on those ads).

Option 2. You take a long-term strategy and start with SEO. This is the most effective and also sustainable strategy to become visible for the Chinese professionals who are searching for the plastic molding machines or molds.

For the long-lasting effect in terms of visibility on Baidu you should know that:

  • Search engine optimization is about keywords (starting with general keywords and more specific ones for narrower targeting)
  • Baidu runs its own Wiki – Baike. Having a page there is a big plus
  • Baidu Tieba which is a forum-like platform also contributing to the rank you get on Baidu
  • Getting backlinks from forums like Zhihu (local Quora) will also be useful as it will reveal you as an expert in molding industry.



Why do we talk about reputation?

Chinese people responsible in a company for searching for a molding machine or a mold itself will go on the Internet and find thousands of manufacturers. A lot of them might provide a product of poor quality or even be a scam. Chinese want to feel secure. They need someone to reassure that your molding machines and molds are worth their consideration. Otherwise, they will move to your competitors.

How to earn credit from the Chinese who want plastic molding equipment?

Publications are powerful.

Those who are involved into plastic-related industry check the news regularly. Especially, when they are looking for something. They need to find you there, so it is important to get intouch with local respected news sources. This is important for branding.



Some of the leads you get might be the ones who need to buy your plastic molding product now. Most of them might need this later. So you have to make you remember about yourself all the time.

How to keep your presence among potential Chinese buyers of plastic molding products?

Social Media keeps your potential clients in touch with you.
  1. Use WeChat

First and foremost, get an official account and let them follow.

Get an e-brochure integrated in your account to introduce yourself clearly and effectively.

Update your relevant content regularly and send newsletters concerning molding equipment to your followers.

Use it for customer support.

  1. Use Weibo

Weibo has less users than WeChat, but it has similar functions as Facebook and offers good opportunities to spread your information and engage more people, make more of them to follow you.



Re-targeting is the last step of a long-term marketing campaign.

While the previous steps were focused on engaging potential plastic molding machines and molds buyers, this one is designed to making a higher conversion. Making professionals reach your website or even see you on search engine or media doesn’t mean all of them will buy your product.


What is important is creating a feeling that you are everywhere.


Re-targeting is based on tools that let you stick to your potential clients and follow them as they surf through the Internet. It starts working just as they get on your website. They are the right people to target because no random Chinese will find your website and check it unless they belong to the plastic industry.


Does that make sense? It does.


How we realized that all?

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