social mediaSocial networks have taken an important place in the Chinese market, especially thrugh their impact on companies marketing strategy.


Nowadays, WeChat reprents a real way for the Chinas marketers to touch efficiently a large part of the population, as it’s used by more of 400 million persons in 2015.

We are gone to see in this article how to involve WeChat in a marketing campaign and how to optimize it.

Wechat figures

According to Tencent Official Data, WeChat have 600 million users around the world, and 80% of them in China, and this is growing up year by year.

This increase is a good news for the marketers who are looking for investment in CRM because the app helps the brands and the users for creatings groups of less than 100 people to communicate through this 1-1 platform.

The brands can also sent one message per day in their groups and also post on their official groups.

So, WeChat isn’t a mass broadcasting and the brands are lookig for creating O2O content : online to offline.

The brands give also special offers, and access to their events through their WeChat groups, and this strategy helps their CRM system and allows the creation of strenght 1-1 relations.

How to involve WeChat in the your Marketing strategy ?

Wechat Marketing

Nowadays, the brands use different ways to involve WeChat in their Marketing Mix :

  • Third-party integration : WeChat allow brands to create apps that works in WeChat and that helps companies to sell and promote their producs directly.

WeChat hah create an entire ecosystem of interrelated services and   functions interrelated that allows user to buys online products, book hotels, play with friends, buy and sell stocks, book flight tickets etc.. without leaving the app. In this way, thousands of brands, from airlines to hotels and fast food to hand bags are building apps to be used within WeChat.

So, the app allows to sell more products and attract new consummers.


  • Built in fonctionality : brands have been creating clever campaigns that uses WeChat basic functions.

In this way the app allows the brands to lauch official accounts to attract directly fans and clients. So, the marketerscan now interact with their followers when posting special offers, photos, and videos.

However, these functions adopts Weibo style, wich is not suitable to marketing campaigns in WeChat, and the brands have to create new ways to use it.


For example, Watsons, one of the largest personal care store in Asia opened an official account and brought its wechat ecommerce plateforme  in Malaysia. People can purchase products through the e-store that connects back to the Watson’s offline payments solution or check out the latest promotions without leaving the app.


In China, clients can also access their VIP card and receive help to guide them to the nearest Watson’s store by sending their location to the account. That s amazing.


I am sure that you already hear about the hotel of the futur? a co branding with wechat.



020 – The future of WeChat Marketing Campaigns


Many brands use WeChat’s influence to creat offline interactions.

There is a growing trend in China, and especially on WeChat, to create Online to ofline campaigns. The idea is simple, you have to create engaging content that will produce offline results.

Many brands offer promotions, coupons,etc… to attract consummers in their stores or to make theme participate to their events. While brands use the 020, WeChat is looking increasing e-commerce.

Le future of marketing on WeChat in uncertain, but since the application attracts all days more and more consummers, and since big markets like in India or Brasil, brands have understand the news opportunities that WeChat brings.

Lets take the exemple of Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphones producer, that solds more than 150 000 units of its last modele, the Mi-3 in less than 10 minutes, thanks to the app.


Wechat Wallet Payment

The WeChat Wallet is pretty usefull why ? beacsue it lets Chinese link bank accounts and cards to their WeChat number to make both online and offline payment . This also allows wechat users to make purchases quickly and easily right from their mobile. This really helps businesses that market through this smartphone platform


WeChat not only goes with instand message like free calling, text messaging, and video chat, but it also offers a popular Moment wall, like facebook wall. People can check their moment and see xhat other people advice to read , or see.

“If you are not interested by WeChat’s Marketing, nothing will interest you in Social Media” explain Philip.


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