This article gives details on how to market an automated machine in China.

Nowadays, China is a good field for marketing automated equipment. Why?

China is still a developing country because most of its industrial potential is concentrated in the Eastern and South Eastern parts of the country. That is to say, the greater part of it is still adapting to the trends that are present in the most economically developed states in the world. It still lacks industrial capacity. So it has a lot of space to grow.

Together with that, up to 40% of the world’s automatable production hours are in China. This makes it necessary for the new producers from developing areas of the country to keep pace with the rest of manufacturers. Otherwise, how could they survive in such a competitive market?

Chinese show likeness to foreign technologies when they aim to make their production fully or partly automated.

Here is the algorithm of how to make Chinese manufacturers buy your automated machines:


Lead generation is impossible unless your potential clients from the industry fields find you and immediately get an overall impression about you. The first impression is always important. A good website is something that guarantees a good first impression.

Chinese are no different here. The only thing is that a “tasty” website in your country and the one in China would look entirely different.

What makes a website look attractive for the Chinese experts looking for automated machines?
  • Mandarin language (maybe you can find some people speaking a bit of English in international Chinese companies, but among manufacturers probably you should not really count on that. If they can’t read your website then it’s a fail);
  • China/HongKong/Singapore hosting not just makes it look good, but it simply makes your website accessible through all the bans on foreign websites conducted by the Great Firewall;
  • Click-to-Chat tool to let them contact you just as they get this thought and receive a reply in a split second (take it as an alternative to emails that a Chinese buyer would never use);
  • Links to your WeChat or Weibo official accounts instead of Facebook page link that works well in your country but would be ignored once you deal with the Chinese;
  • More attractive and animated visual data, more information about yourself;
  • Images or just clear evidence of the good partners who got you automated machines before;
  • Certificates translated into Chinese that prove the high quality of your machines.

China is the country that has a great production capacity in any field. They have a strong demand for automated machinery but their market is also a competitive field for thousands of suppliers in any industrial segment. A respected supplier should have a Chinese-friendly website to attract the best leads.


It is important not only to have a website but also to make people find you without any direct participation. You should know their habits for that. In your country you would place it on Google for people to see when they search. Partly it is similar in Chinese market, but you should forget about Google, it is blocked and 95% of Chinese, including manufacturers who are looking for an automated machine, don’t even know what it is. So, in China you use Baidu instead. And the primary goal is to be on top there.

How to get a top rank in Baidu?
  1. For short-term presence you should use Baidu advertising tools, pay and get links to your specific landing page. This is called Pay-per-Click. It’s effective while you work on a more sustainable strategy and still want to get some fast leads. No one can assure you that these would be top Chinese manufacturers and they use clicking on ads as a way to find a reliable producer of automated machines, though.
  2. For long-term presence you develop a strategy that would take roughly a year and it’s conducted through search engine optimization.


To get on top on Baidu and keep your position, the following points should be considered:

  • keywords (different level keywords guarantee a particular rank in the search engine)
  • Baike page (which is Chinese wiki-page) will contribute to your image and visibility
  • backlinks from Baidu-operated platform Tieba can help you get more visibility
  • Zhihu (or local Quora) can also generate backlinks to your website by mentioning you in a nice way within the forums that relate to automated machinery.



Chinese people prefer to find the information about you on their own. However, they need someone to verify this information, to prove you are who you are and that your automated machine is something that they would be satisfied with.

A single machine is responsible for the whole production process. It’s their investment, so they want to make sure they get a good value for money and buy it from a reputable manufacturer, be it a foreign producer or the local one. They go to Chinese portals specializing in automation and trends to get more recommendations from the publications. It is a good idea that they find out you are mentioned at least a few times there.


Even though you will attract loads of leads if you follow the above mentioned steps, not all of them have been having this intention to buy an automated machine right now. Maybe they will do it in a few months or later. Or they don’t plan anything at all yet but you can have an influence.

The key to stay present in your potential client’s life is reminding him about yourself regularly. Otherwise once he really set his mind on buying that automated machine he might search again and find someone else.

Keep in touch with them using WeChat or Weibo.
  1. WeChat
  • Official account is a must here to attract relevant followers
  • Keep digital hand-out material (e-brochure) for clear introduction purpose;
  • Use newsletters to inform your followers about everything related to automated machines;
  • Keep your content up-to-date;
  • Use it for customer support.
  1. Use Weibo

Weibo has less users than WeChat, but it has similar functions as Facebook and offers good opportunities to spread your information and engage more people, make more of them to follow you.


Re-targeting is an important step to get in touch with the professionals who never contacted you and never followed your accounts. However, maybe they got on your website and put you on their list to check later or whatever. You can follow them and remind them about yourself with special tools that are invisibly placed on your website and then track your visitor’s behavior and place ads about you while he browses the pages. This is effective and will make him sooner or later contact you, because it gives an impression you are omnipresent on the Chinese market of automated machines.


So what is your next step?



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