Chinese social landscape includes numerous alternatives to Pinterest but Huaban is actually the one that stands out. The KPCB, an investment company has directly invested over 1 million dollars to the site, only 10 days after it went online.

How does Huaban works?

The company from Hangzhou in the Chinese province of Zhejiang was created by the same team that developed Yupoo, 7 years ago, the best Chinese clone of the photography website, Flickr.



The idea is the same as the design and the layout of the page, and so the same way as you can “Pin” with Pinterest, the user can “collect” by uploading a picture in his computer or by spotting it on an existing web page.

When an image is pleasing a user, he has the possibility to “Recollect” as Pinterest’s “Repin” on Pinterest on his “Board” called here simply a “Huaban.” Huaban users also have the option to like images “Collected” by other users. You can also organize your Huaban into different categories to put some order in your photos.


Why Huaban ?

Huaba users spend on average 9 minutes per day on their account and is checking at least 9 pages. All these facts are demonstrating a very lowbounce rate, indeed, a 33% bounce rate indicates a great interest of users for Huaban



How can Huabanplay a major role in the Chinese E-Tourism market ?



Based on the Pinterest concept, Chinese tourists can post the most amazing pictures of their trip. The other users will be able to comment, like, and download these photos. This process is even more important when we realize the confidence Chinese netizens have in each other.

If a Chinese user approve a destination or a hotel… their friends will automatically approve! They will then share with the rest of the community a positive (or sometimes negative) image of a place, a spot, a destination in itself.

Huaban also integrates a forum, where users can also post photos but related to a specific topic. They can share advice, reviews, experiences, which will influence the other users’ judgement.

 Tourism and attractive photos



When you work for the Tourism industry and you want to attract people you MUST use quality Multimedia and this isa particularly effective tool, since tourists are looking for dream places, something they can brag about when they come back, something they will remember forever and of course something they can’t do everyday. The tourist imagine fantasies about the country he is about to visit. That is why agencies are widely using these kind of content for customers who are looking for a trip, but also to raise awareness about their vacation destination.

When countries are conducting major operations in digital communications they usually succeed in attracting many Chinese tourists, like Mauritius or New Zealand.

In a country ranked number 1 e-commerce market, we can imagine how much e-tourism is an opportunity to take there.Huaban is a great tool regarding how important attractive pictures and high quality videos are to Chinese tourists and Chinese consumers in general.

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