HUAWEI and Durex


HUAWEI, a Chinese leading cell-phone producer, becomes the focus of public attentions recently in China. The reason is not their appearance in the IT exhibition in Barcelona, but the rumor that they will release their new product which is the combination of the technologies from HUAWEI and Durex.

 huawei cellphone buzz

The picture of the rumor

As the formula shows: Durex + HUAWEI = emotion, it is supposed to be HUAWEI’s campaign for their new products: Ascend P2. Ascend P2 is branded as a thin and endurable which is also what a good condom should be.

However, HUAWEI made an announcement later to declare that they have nothing to do with the campaign.

But like usual, spicy joke and wired topic works not only catch millions of eyes from Chinese netizens but also their passion.

ZY2B030: OOXX时找不到TT华为手机用户直接撕下手机保护膜贴在JJ救急/ So HUAWEI users can have a convenient condom now.

Iamyuzheng: 保护套一定要带颗粒的!/ “Protector” I like spiky ones!

Not all the netizens have the sense of humor; some of them show their dislike directly:

春意盎然的小牛盲:傻逼华为,在这里瞎炒作~~~不是还要和杜蕾斯合作最薄的手机么!!不要脸的垃圾公司/ Asshole HUAWEI, Stupid campaign~~~Cooperation with Durex on the thinnest cellphone!! What a shameless company

That’s not the end of the story because rumor maker seems still unsatisfied.

HUAWEI and Apple



Another rumor goes viral these days that Apple authorizes HUAWEI to use its iOS system.  If it’s true, it means: HUAWEI + iOS = low price +high performance?

While some netizens got surprised :

我同意钱包君FightForFreedom:卧槽是我眼花么!!!!!  WTF Do my eyes deceive me!!!!!!  

Some distrusts the news :

Alvinniness_C:拜托、用脚趾头想都不可能啊/ Come on, even your toe will tell you it’s impossible

What’s interesting is that HUAWEI made an announcement again later to explain that they have nothing to do with the buzz.

But this time, many netizens seem to discover the reality.


Flirting Marketing ?

Penicilinum: After flirting Durex, HUAWEI goes to flirt Apple, is HUAWEI doing “flirting marketing”?

Anyway, the target of HUAWEI is reached. Millions of people and thousands of media are talking about this everywhere on Weibo, SNS, portals. For a promotion of new product, it’s a huge success!

From this case, the importance of SNS is totally shown. If there are no sensations on SNS, online public media will not talk about it. If media doesn’t care about that, people will take that much interest on the buzz.

Meanwhile, the image of HUAWEI Ascend P2 is also conveyed to the population in an unconscious way. The combinations between Ascend P2 and Durex and between Ascend P2 and iOS associate Ascend P2 with the image of thin, endurable and high performance.

Maybe some people will say that the buzz brings the negative impression, but the sale of Ascend P2 won’t lie.