Human remains in cosmetics products

It is the latest scandal at the time, the corpses would be used to collect the collagen present in cosmetic products. The information is a success on the web and many sites are talking about it. But apparently it does not date from yesterday…


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Corpses in your beauty products

The newspaper explain that the corpses of prisoners executed  in China are then cut and used for collagen inserted in products of cosmetics brands sold in Europe. The source explains that it is common in China to use the skin of dead people or fetuses for biotechnology. In fact, the collagen is present in many parts of the body and is often used in cosmetic surgery. These products are then exported to Europe.


cosmetics china buzz


Fake or not?

The market of plastic surgery is only few regulated in Europe, so at first glance the information may seem quite true, although very shocking. China also offers 95% lower prices than those offered by European companies, which partly explains the trade with that country. The only problem is that this story appears every year for almost 10 years. Since 2005, once a year this unusual information appeared in various newspapers, leaving overall believe that the information is not a reliable source.


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The positive aspect of this new scandal is that this will probably bring Europe and its member countries to put in place new regulations and laws concerning cosmetics market and plastic surgery.


Testimonies of Chinese employees, or former Chinese military, how far the press can go for attention? So, fake or not?