Any marketing and promotional campaign will struggle to achieve success without a proper understanding of the behavior of the market and its consumers. WeChat allows businesses in China to promote their ides, products, services and business to millions of Chinese people. Here is the guide to understanding the behavior of WeChat users so that you can run a more effective marketing campaign on this platform.

WeChat Demography & Users’ Characteristics

There are 700 million month to month dynamic WeChat clients and 55% of them have more than 100 companions. So that speaks to a tremendous group associated. In this manner, we comprehend that we can draw in a tonne of individuals through this web-based social networking, however, before we do so we have to comprehend clients’ practices to know how to utilize it adequately. Currently, there are more males than females utilizing WeChat in China. This partially comes down to the fact that there are more males in the nation. Young adults are the most essential clients and they generally tend to work in organizations or as consultants. They usually have a high buying power. The sexual orientation structure of China’s populace impacts the Chinese customer conduct on WeChat. The nation has the world’s most skewed proportion during childbirth. Subsequently, Chinese men have endlessly dwarfed ladies for quite a long time. That is the reason there are more men (67.5% of clients) than ladies utilizing the stage. Specialists of different companies are the biggest and most critical gathering of clients (40.4% of clients). These are individuals whose profits are high and stable. These individuals have a high obtaining power and commit a lot of their free time  to relaxation and shopping. Specialists represent 25.3% in the client base.

WeChat For Consumers

WeChat has been extrmemly fruitful in its endeavors at universal extension. However, Tencent’s officials are not baffled at all as the strength of the application in the Chinese market is as obvious as it is imperative. Up until this point, the application has been frequently utilized as a part of Southeast and Southern Asia and Latin America. As people, the Chinese are enmeshed in the financial tides of our time and stay aware of the pace of the quickly developing Chinese shoppeing culture. They are progressively dependent on gadgets, for example, tablets and cell phones. From their stance, WeChat has turned into an ‘unquestionable requirement’ application for their mobile phone and a basic piece of their life. Chinese additionally utilize WeChat for their installment and cash exchanges. 200 million clients connected their Mastercard on the application keeping in mind the end goal to pay for their purchases or exchange cash with their phone. It is simpler for them since they don’t have to bring their wallet, only their mobile phone

Wechat Trends

19,219 speak about Digital Marketing every day on Wechat 

1.4M  speak about “France”  every day on Wechat


102 M  speak about “Wechat”  every day on Wechat


29 M  speak about “USA”  every day on Wechat



Users Activities and Interests on WeChat

The red envelope is the most prevalent installment included in Wechat. There were 8 billion wechat red envelopes sent amid the Spring celebration this year. Understanding Chinese customers implies getting a handle on that the possibility of not having WeChat is incredible to its energetic base of fans. The comfort of WeChat has ended up as fundamental as the gadget whereupon it is introduced.

The recurrence of utilizing WeChat has been quickly ascending as its creators receive the benefits that can just come about because of sowing seeds of magnificence. WeChat has caught hearts of a large number of Chinese customers and has won their reverence and acclaim. The above is the foundation without bounds development and the further achievement of the application. 58% users are perusing and posting on moments whereas 53.5% are sharing data including pictures, videos and texts.  All these stats and information can help to provide an understanding of what people on this platform want and how can you attract them.

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