The chinese middle class is increasing. This new segment of consumers is an opportunity for your brand. You need to understand how chinese market work if you don’t want to waste your money and fail. Contact specialists of the chinese market is the best option because they will help you to define the best marketing strategy.

We will explain you, who is the middle class and what they want.



Why chinese middle-class grow so fast ? The reason is very simple. Contrary to the other countries in the world, china economy is going well. Chinese consumers are confidents because statistics show that the increase will continue.


Besides, China changed his practices, the traditionnal form of business and manufacturing became more modern and created new type of employments. This new jobs are often more qualified and more paid. It’s also one of the reason of the increase of chinese middle-class.



Brands turn more and more their business towards China, because a new consumer segment is born.

With the decline of american middle class, companies decided to explore the new chinese middle class, more and more wealthy. The chinese market is becoming a very lucrative market for the brands.

Figures speack for themselves : in 2000, 4% of china’s population was considered belonging to the middle class. For 2020 they expected to be around 76%. It’s a very big increase. Chinese consumers become powerfull.



Because they have more money, chinese consumers want to improve their life. They want more quality. Some sectors are more affected by the increase of middle class, it’s the case of food, education and healthcare.


  • Food

The increase of financial resources include some changing. Because they have more money, chinese consumers consume more. Some health issues arise from the wealth increase. Obesity is becoming a nuisance. The number of obese children was of 5%, it’s today 20%.

This observation has raised awareness. Chinese consumers want to buy more quality products and more healty foods.


  • Education

Chinese education system is really hard. Lot of students are set aside because chinese education system only encourage the best students. Ranking and achievement are the key words and it created a lot of frustration.

Parents of the chinese middle-class want better for their children. Today they prefer a international school for their kids. Because you have a mix of chinese education system very high level and more creativity and independence mind with western education system. In addition, they learn english and today for the chinese middle-class it’s an important criteria.

Australia the golden Rush for Chinese Students and Investment



  • Healthcare

Chinese are more informed and they want to preserve their healthcare. Chinese government provide some health care to chinese citizens but it’s not enough for middle class. More and more chinese middle-class consumers subscribe to a private healthcare insurance.

The spending of chinese middle-class in private healthcare insurance are around 1 trillion USD. If you are an healthcare insurance, it’s time for you to move into the chinese market.

In addition, chinese consumers want new medecine solutions. They are more and more skeptical to traditional medecine and western medecine is really reputated. For chinese middle-class, it’s the medecine the most safe, clean and effective.


  • Foreign products

Chinese middle-class also prefer foreign products. One reason : they don’t trust local products due to all the scandals. Counterfeiting is everywhere in China. You are never sure of your purchase. Because they have more money, they want to be sure of the quality. And imported products are always good quality for chinese consumers. They buy a lot online on platform like Tmall which provide a lot of foreign products.





Marketing to chinese middle-class is similar to the other consumers in China. You just need to understand how chinese market work and how to communicate with your target.


Chinese people, more than all consumers over the world are very connected. If you want to promote your brand in China, you need to know their media platforms and be connected on. Besides, social media are the place to be if you want to communicate with users and create a relationship.


  • Wechat

Wechat is the most used app in China. The app is amazing because it adapt to consumers needs. On wechat you can chat with friends, see moments of your friends, brands, celebrities, boggers you follow. You can also visit website of brands and buy on the app your shopping.

For companies, wechat is a very effective window. You can create an official account for your brand and develop your minisite. You can also do specific advertizing on your target.

You want to start the wechat adventure ? Click here to have more information about wechat.


  • Weibo

Weibo is a famous social media platform in China. Weibo is a micro-blogging platform. It concidered as Twitter in our countries but in fact it’s more than Twitter. You can published long post : 10.000 characteres and customize your post. In China, a rich content is the key of success.  In China, where censorship is always present, the platform is very appreciated because, for the first time chineses can express themselve.It’s a very effective way to interact with users.


As on wechat, you can create your own brand account to be on Weibo. Click here to know more on Weibo.


Social Media in China

You have a lot of other social media platforms useful in China. If you want more information on how to promote your brand you can contact us. We will decide together how to create the best marketing strategy to improve your business in China.


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