The influence of bloggers to the marketing for cosmetics in China

The blog has developed for several years in China. Previously, blog is just like a diary notebook, a digital platform for writing down what we look, what we hear, what we think and what we like; and we can also put in music, pictures and videos. Some blogs private and secret only can be seen personally; and there are also some blogs which are open to the public. We can read, comment and share. Gradually, it appears some good blogs whose content or form attires a lot of readers; they become the fans of the bloggers, and make it a habit to read the blog.

As we know, the people who are the most active on Internet are the young girls. And what they are interested most are the food and the cosmetics. No surprisingly, the blogs of these two fields are the most popular to Chinese girls, especially the blogs of cosmetics.

Example of Bloggers using a product

Generally, these blogs are set up by the fashion girls. They write articles or make videos to share the cosmetics products which they think very good or which they don’t like; or they show in the blog something about the make-up techniques and tricks; moreover, someone also put in the recognize of their everyday life, for example, the breakfast, the pet, etc.


With an increasing number of click rate, more and more people know these blogs and follow with interest. They learn the make-up techniques and the presentations of the cosmetics products. In general, they have often the confidence for the cosmetics products of these bloggers, who seem to be very professional and just like a teacher.


Some cosmetics companies catch the influence of the cosmetics bloggers to the public and the brilliant commercial brain tell them that would be a super effective ad, if their products could be mentioned in the blog! So some companies start to cooperate with the popular cosmetics bloggers.

A good example is the collaboration between the branding Revlon and Arial Chen. Arial Chen is a star blogger in the field of cosmetics in Taiwan. The form of her blog is mainly the video. The click number of her most famous video is to 1,657,988 in youtube.

Revlon, a make-up brand, invites Arial Chen to present its products. Arial mentions often Revlon in her videos and she published also a special video for a lipstick of Revlon. Thanks to her popularity and reputation in the field of cosmetics, it has a great sale.


Nowadays, as the entrance of many cosmetics brands into Chinese market from the whole world, the competition has been very intense. The companies try their best to win in this war by adopting many different ways of promotion.

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