How is Influencer Marketing seizing she-conomy in China?


Before stepping into the Chinese market it’s wise to analyze the most suitable demographic segment for your brand. Today China’s younger women are empowered and changing the stereotypes of the older generation by pursuing their dreams.

China’s younger women are game changers

Digital communication and liberalization have given confidence to the younger generation of China. This development has encouraged the young people of China to stand up for themselves and take their own decisions. In the pool of this evolving trend, women under 30 have taken the lead in turning China’s market into She-conomy.

According to the report published by Mediacom, young women of China are divided into two groups: women between the age of 22-30 years are known as Leapers 2.0 and women under 21 years are called Changemakers. Women in China under these two segments are very international and open-minded as well as take pride in being Chinese.

Features of this personal development are that they are now more selective and demanding of brands. Therefore, brand owners now need to develop customer-centered business strategies which appeal to this driven segment.

End of stereotypes in China

Young women in China are extensively contributing in the labor workforce and earning better salaries than ever before. As compared to other countries, 64%of Chinese women are working women whereas only 35% of women work in the USA and 36% in Japan. A notable increase in the purchasing power of young women has caused higher sales of consumer products. Growth mindset of these women has also brought change in women rights and status in China’s economy.

Women in China feel pressurized to get married before the age of 24 and raise a family, but now the trend is changing due to women empowerment. Women of the younger generation have a new slogan which says “I want it all” which means now the women from the younger generation want a loving family as well as fulfilling careers. They believe in earning money, traveling and spending money. They want to grow and become independent in order to fulfill their dreams and needs.

This generation of women spends more on themselves as compared to their male counterparts. Younger women are investing in gaining new experiences.

What influences young Chinese women?

 Today young Chinese women are part of a movement in which they want to break rigid cultural rules that limits them from achieving their dreams. They want to make informed choices and follow inspirational personalities and be inspired by them.

 Sisterly affection

Most of the young females of this era were born under China’s one-child policy, therefore most of these women don’t have other siblings. Younger generation women highly value their female friends. For example, “Little Red Book” a social e-commerce app targeted at 18 to 35 years old Chinese women, where like-minded individuals can share their opinions, hot deals and shopping tips. A sense of community is felt among young Chinese women on this app and product recommendations from one friend to another encourage product sales.

Following the role models and entrepreneurs

China’ s women under 30 are pushing hard to establish their own businesses. This has significantly contributed to China’s growing economy. Ali data, claims that 46% of owners on its platform are women.  Among these entrepreneurs are role models and inspirational, multi-talented women who are followed by other young women. The significant boost in online business has been caused by the presence of female shoppers. 33% of women visit online shops 2-5 times a day. WeChat, offers one stop lifestyle shopping which is visited by 80% of women under 30 years of age.

How does this contribute to Influential marketing?

In the latest article posted by Tony Robbin’s “What is influencer marketing? He mentions influential campaigns are most authentic and organic. When a role model recommends a product or service, it raves a genuine recommendation. This level of genuine inspiration is vital for digital and mobile marketing, especially when catering to the younger generation that demands “authenticity” and doesn’t want to be marketed unrealistically. Now customers want authenticity and this is how digital marketing agencies utilize role models for influencer marketing.

Social media drives massive traffic, that creates a stronger connection between a brand and customer. This also boosts SEO and generates earned media coverage. Influencers are thought leader and bring a sense of community to your brand by engaging people, therefore it is essential to find the right fit for your brand. Local marketing agencies understand the value of a perfect fit and hence connect the brand to the right customer group.


Branding in China

Foreign brands must collaborate with rising females of China, who are followed by a trail of dream makers who believe life is too short to not pursue dreams. This new trend must be availed of foreign brands, looking for promoting their products in the Chinese market. This strategy will work as a win-win situation as influencers and role models will get support from contemporary brands and will help them explore their individuality. This correlation will enable them to overcome rigid cultural barriers and openly express their opinions.

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