Suspect to be used for negatives aim some applications have been blocked                                                         images (1)

Recently China government blocked several foreign chat applications, including wechat Japan’s Line and South Korea’s +Kakao Corp they were suspect being used by terrorists to exchange informations. Most of them are not controlled and are used for pornography, to spread rumors and incite to terrorism ideology.

The Chinese government rolled out for the first time a regulation to tighten management of instant messaging services in the aim of promoting healthy development of the fast-growing instant messaging sector and safeguarding national security and public interests, according to the State Internet Information Office.

images (2)What are these regulations about ?

The rules require new public-account users to register with their real names and sign an agreement that they will abide by laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests, the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and ensure the authenticity of the information they provide. But they applicants could still have nick names for public views.
Offenders would face limited rights to release information, suspension of renewals or even closure of their accounts, it warned.

The rules also stipulates that only news organizations and other authorized websites will be allowed to post or share political news through public accounts. Accounts that violate the rules can be warned and restricted from posting content or removed.

For political control and to build a clean cyberspace      images (3)

On most of website they are current political debates and informations that the government want to control and be aware about any terrorist incitation.

Also providers of instant messages applications should be responsible of protecting users private informations and citizens privacy but must handle illegal informations.

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