Internet on mobile in China: On a fast track

China is all set to move on the fast track in internet speeds. China handed over 4G licenses to three of the telecom giants and they were given permission to operate 4G TD LTE in the country. This is a sure step to faster internet over the next few years and China is sure to be able to fast track their pace. The three companies that were granted 4G licenses include China Telecom, China Unicorn and China Mobile. This will bring them together in the Internet war as they build a large 4G LTE network.*



Ericsson, one of the largest mobile enterprises in the world today has forecast that China is looking to grow into the larges 4G LTE market by 2019. This is indeed a very fortuitous prediction. However Eriksson has said that China will have over 700 million users in the 4G segment and they have decided to support China Mobile in their endeavor to build a 4G LTE network that will be the largest in the world.

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4G technology

The world is working around the 4G technology and taking it forward to become the order of the day throughout the world. It has taken the world by storm and is slowly creating a firm market for itself. The technology is known for its high internet speeds as well as other factors like flexibility and stability. 4G today is a mobile telecom technology that is growing at the fastest rate in all the years of mobile history. We are surely moving towards a world where a tap of a key will throw up information in seconds regardless of where we are with the 4G technology. And with China riding the wave and looking to be the largest service providers with most users in the world, the network will be indispensible before long.

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