Jingdong has officially upgraded its “Jingdong Global” to “Haitun Global”. Haitun Global, which is located in the “Global Direct Purchase Platform”, will focus on the direct purchase mode of origin.

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It is reported that the self-operated products of Haitun Global and the non-self-operated merchants using Jingdong Logistics can achieve the fastest delivery of 1.5 hours and the first- and second-tier cities will reach the next day.

It is understood that since 2018, Jingdong has opened direct purchase centers in Japan and South Korea, and is planning to open direct purchase centers in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Yang Ye, general manager of Haitun Global, said, “Haitun Global will accelerate the construction of overseas direct mining centers, further strengthen the ability of direct mining and self-operation, ensure the quality of goods and enrich consumers’ choices from the source. At the same time, further, strengthen the development of beauty products such as beauty and health products.”

Haitun adopts a buyer selection mechanism in the world, and buyers generally have more than five years of relevant industry professional experience. The buyer’s team will go deep into the factories and production areas around the world to select the products and put the quality of the source.

In the past year, Haitun has comprehensively upgraded its product quality control measures, including the whole process of trellis chain traceability and traceability of more products. The “Tracing Source Prosecutor” will deepen the factories, raw material planting areas, warehouses, etc. of more brand origins. Conduct traceability inspection; the quality inspection standard for commodity warehouse inspection will be further upgraded; create more quality labels for Haitun’s global products.

It is reported that Jingdong has more than 500 logistics centers nationwide. The Jingdong cross-border network has also been fully opened, including more than ten cross-border ports, more than 110 overseas warehouses, nearly a thousand global transportation links and a distribution network covering the whole of China. At present, the average timeliness of imported goods from overseas direct mail has increased to 3.9 days, and the core cities have reached the next day. The use of Jingdong Logistics’s Haitun goods can reach 100% in the first- and second-tier cities in China and 300,000 distribution outlets can solve the last 1km delivery, and the fastest delivery can be achieved in 1.5 hours.

“We will also ask and help non-self-employed merchants to further improve the delivery timelines through bonded warehouses or overseas direct mail.” Yang Ye said.