WeChat is already a lifestyle for recent ages, while WeChat shopping has also penetrated so much into almost every corner of our daily life from eating, clothing to living, utilizing and transporting. From the marketing campaign of JD WeChat Store one-year anniversary we may get some clues of how WeChat shopping has penetrated into our life and what pleasant surprises it has brought to us. Three trumps JD has used to market its one-year anniversary: circle influencers targeting, virus VCR, and professional analysis.

Trump One: Targeting powerful influencers of different circles, directing leads from various customer groups.

At the eve of its one-year anniversary, JD WeChat Shopping has pushed out a series of posters for those powerful influencers from different circles. These influencers cover the fields of fashion, entertainment, public benefit, etc. Music producer and singer Wang Zhengliang, new-generation female Chinese singer Pan Chen, trickster Liu Shijie, DJ Qiang and photographer Pedestrian the Orange as those top famous circle influencers are all involved in this collaboration. The posters are called the ‘attitude posters’. It highlights the key personality of each of those influencers as also the different key aspect of JD WeChat Shopping. JD ads

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JD WeChat Shopping also arrange the resources to customize the exclusive zone for each influencer’s fans – the Hongren Hui, letting the influencers to recommend products to the fans with a special discount. Afterwards, JD has gathered those customized promotions in each zone and developed a ‘JD WeChat Shopping One-year Anniversary H5 Compilation’ to further increase the influence.   The campaign is fully supported by each of the influencers by posting articles through their own Wechat official accounts, expressing the wishes for the one-year anniversary of JD. The ‘Attitude Posters’ and the information of the customized discounts have been fitted into each of those articles as well as the links back to those exclusive influencer zones on JD WeChat store, generating leads as well as a chance to interact with the fans.   The spreading effect is very considerable. Within one day, the official WeChat account ‘Wang Zhengliang’, ‘Trickster Liu Shijie Workshop’ have gained over 30 thousand of reads; ‘Pan Chen’ has a bit less but also close to the same number; ‘DJ Qiang’ s article has gained 26 thousand ‘like’ while ‘Guo Cheng has something to speak (Pedestrian the Orange)’ has got also a 20 thousand ‘like’.

KOL campaign on Social media

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Trump Two: Virus VCR diffusion, let the brand talk

If you think the campaign ends here, you are not that familiar with JD’s e-commerce attribute and Tecent’s social media attribute: being as the offspring between JD and Tecent, JD WeChat Shopping has inherited the gene and presented a great VCR show by the opportunity of this one-year anniversary.   On second of June, the VCR named ‘JD WeChat Shopping One-Year Anniversary @ Airport’ was put online. Two story lines went lead the VCR theme: ‘Discovering the Surprise’. One of them is the brand line showing the whole process of shopping on JD WeChat store and receiving the delivery within three hours; while the other is the funny line with the interviews of different passerby, presenting the characters of the JD WeChat store and its shoppers.   An interesting moment was the pretty Chinese interviewer encountered the American-Chinese Mike Sui who surprisingly spoke a fluent Beijing Mandarin and was told that Mike happens to be one of the users of JD WeChat Shopping and has bought kiwi and condom on there before. His funny talks has been made as the ‘Easter Egg (surprise)’ and been put at the end of the VCR.   The VCR has been largely watched and titled with different names, such as ‘You should never reject a passerby interview!’, ‘What experience it is to be caught for interview?’, ‘Do you believe Mike Sui is buying this kind of shit on JD WeChat store?’, ‘The most astonishing street interviews shocking 300 thousand people.’ This VCR has been played 80 thousand times on Tudou, Youku, Tecent Video, IQiyi and Sohu Video within the first day it is released.

Trump Three: Professional analysis, describing the progress in three dimension

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Influncers’ strategy in China

Despite marketing through influencers’ circles and producing virus videos, JD WeChat Shopping has entrusted Yi Guan Idea Bank to conduct a specific research on its one-year development and released the report ‘WeChat Shopping One-Year Development Study’, completely presenting the progress of its one-year development and the trend, allowing the industrial people to better understand the mechanics. The Study cover the analysis of mobile shopping, JD WeChat Shopping customers’ profile drawing and behavior statistics, marketing campaigns and shop case studies, manifesting that WeChat Shopping has become an important part of today’s mobile e-commerce and pointing importance of the consistent innovation on its sales modes, the ‘mobile + social’ attribute on increasing the sales, promoting the brands, accumulating the users’ data and exploring new spreading channels. Quite a few KOLs have published nearly 50 articles on their own platforms about this study and gained more than 40 thousand reads. JD WeChat Shopping has also held an ‘One-Year Birthday Party’ as the off-line event to make the online campaign more touchable and share the growth and happiness with its customers.   further reading