Jetbay, the first mainland-China based startup to get accepted into US-based accelerator 500 Startups, is a site for foreigners acting as a personal travel guide for major and off beaten destinations at great prices in China. The site, which is target to launch on October, will have local travel destinations, event listings, and packages, all in English. Jetbay offers foreigners a chance to discover and enjoy local services at local prices. Co-founder James Tan from Singapore states: “The simplest explanation is the discrepancy of information, foreigners are simply not aware that these destinations/deals/packages exist.”

Offers On and Off Major Cities of China


Jetbay will offer other off beaten cities and locales that are often unknown by tourists and have little to no tours offered by other companies. Many cities outside the usual tourist friendly places like Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou have really nice attractions and locales eager to receive foreign visitors. Jetbay will make foreigner’s visit easier to get authentic local travel experiences.

Jetbay is co-founded by Tan, and Michael Pan, who are also co-founders of the Chinese daily deals site 5STuan. The new travel startup has received funding from QuestVC and a financial input from 500 Startups that comes with being included into its program.

Jetbay Target

Jetbay is targeting to service the 130 million overseas visitors who came to China in 2012 and the additional 14% of that who came to China in 2013.

How Jetbay may contribute to improving China image in the eye of foreign tourists.

China actual situation regarding overseas tourists coming to China is a tricky one. The country has heavy pollution problems : fog in Beijing, beaches covered by litter are a few of these problems. This company has undoubtedly found a way to show part of China that are still fairly untouched by all of these major burdens. In addition this niche market has not seen many competitor and contrast strongly with the traditional tours. Shanghai and Beijing are the place seen by the most tourists even though there are so much more to China. This will definitely contribute to improving China image.

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