China represents a huge market for food and dietary supplements in China, a consumption over RMB 109 billion (US $16,3 billion) in 2015, which is keeping increasing these years. You may be interested by this article on how to market vitamins health supplements in China here.

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Why is this market interesting for foreign company ?

With the develop of the country and the growing of the average revenue, more people are willing to spend money and time on their health care.  One of the most important things to Chinese people is the health care (not only the money). They used to believe in Chinese medicine before but now the trend has changed a lot. Nowadays, they are daily face to imported products so they already have some faith on them. They even trust more in foreign brand than local brand for the product effectiveness and safety.

Also, the demographic situation is changing in China, owing of the one child law. The part of middle-aged and elderly person is getting higher. The necessity to take care of them and the capacity to do it are also improving nowadays. (See our services for sell in China here)

孝道 (xiao dao) an important value in china

Among multiple values in China, the filial piety or “xiao” is the most important one. As parents raise their children, they have to do the same thing in return for their parent’s care and material goods when they grow up. The concept originating with Confucianism that outlines the duty of each members in a family. The youngest have to respect elders and listen to them, otherwise this is not seen as honorable by the others. As Chinese people care about their face a lot in China, and use to put their family first, they will do their possible in order to take care about them and not let them worry.

Dates to save for market mother health supplement

Actually, most of Chinese people are not used to show their emotions or their love to their parent. They often hide their difficulties or their complains and try to give the best of themself in front of their family. There is some (a lot of) key dates of celebration you have to keep in mind in order to catch a maximum demands :

International Women’s Day (三八妇女节 San Ba fu nu jie)

It is not only a day for mothers but for all women, it is celebrated on every march 8st (the name came from here : 三八 means 3.8). It is an important date with a lot of exchanges because besides of receive gifts from family, there is also men friends, men colleagues who would offer gift to their women friend of family.

Mother’s day (母情节 Mu qin jie )

Of course, the most famous of all is the Mother’s Day. This day isn’t celebrated on the same date in China as other countries do because it is based on the lunar calendar (on the second day of the fourth month).

A lot of shops launch special events or product’s special edition and advertised in advance in order to get maximum leads from that special day.

Children often buy greeting cards and use this occasion to write down their blessings to their mother.

Thanksgiving Day感恩节 (gan en jie)

Every occasion to pay respect and to thanks parents for their carring is goof to take in China. Thanksgiving is celebrated on thursday of the fourth week of November each year. This date just became hot since few year, people pay more and more attention on how to celebrate it.

Christmas Day 圣诞节 (shen dan jie)

Not so long ago, Christmas wasn’t celebrated in China. It’s not part of the traditional Chinese culture and like the Thanksgiving Day, it comes from abroad. But people take it more and more into account and let their family get pleasure from that day through offering them gift. Also, it happens at end of the year and during cold seasons, this two factors lead Chinese consumers to buy some product good for the health care of their beloved family.

Chinese New Year

It’s the biggest occasion for Chinese people to bring something to their family. In China, a lot of persons work far from their city or their hometown and can’t see their family for a while. The only break for many of them is the period of Chinese New Year, so they use it to visit their family.

Besides these “common celebration days” there is also a lot of other dates such as the 11 November or 18-19 April during which brands and e-commerce platforms create events and discounts. Through all mentioned dates, Chinese people consume and are willing to spend a lot.

How to break through the market ?

  • Wechat

Wechat is the most Chinese social media with more than900 million active users. Wechat  is an application basically for communication but it has integrate multiples services. It is also nowadays a tool for promotion and being in touch which consumers. You can take a look about our article on “How WeChat is changing business in China” or contact us for more information.

  • E-commerce

There is a lot of e-commerce platforms you can use for selling dietary food supplement The most popular are, Tmall, and Taobao. They sell all kind of stuff, known for selling good quality products, and have a good reputation among Chinese customers.

  • The little red book

The little red book (or Xiao Hong shu in Chinese) became these years a reference for Chinese customers. They use it to share and also to see others’ sharing. It is a platform but also a community for recommendations and advises on different things such as food, fashion, or travel place.

Interested by this market or by a business in China? Do not hesitate to contact our agency. Our team of experts and amateurs of the Chinese market could guide and provides you the right strategy for your project development in China.

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