Kimiss, the largest online community for beauty products in China



kimiss, part of CBS Interactive (China)’s Women’s Group, is China’s largest online community for rating beauty products. It’s created in 2007. Currently the site hosts nearly 1 million user reviews of over 140,000 beauty products from more than 2,500 different brands.


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Some data to prove the popularity of Kimiss in China:

Daily Page Views: >15,000,000

Daily Unique Users:>1,000,000

Registered Members:3,000,000

“Beauty Products? Check kimiss before you buy” is becoming mandatory pre-purchase homework for more and more women across China who trust the kimiss community’s advice for smart beauty choices. Sharing their own tips and expertise of the make up and the cosmetics products on the site links users into a China-wide network of girlfriends.

The group CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive (CBSi) is the online content network that delivers media brands that are core to how people define themselves. It hosts more than 400 million users in the whole world. In China, it has entered 4 fields: technology, car, fashion and consumption. Nowadays, it owns 17 professional websites, such as ZOL, pchome, kimiss, onlylady, cheshi, 55BBS… The 17 properties make up China’s largest media network, covering the topics that Chinese people are talking about, from tech and auto to fashion and lifestyle.


The users of Kimiss

At present, it regroups 3,000,000 active members (log in at least once a week). Of course, most of them are girls. The main age group is 20-35. And half of the users are in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the others across the country. A brand needs to improve the customer experience to increase their sales. The online strategy is one of the best way to do it.

The services of Kimiss

Product Promotion

The site’s massive beauty product review library attracts users looking to learn about beauty products. There are more than 2500 brands and 140 000 cosmetics products. That makes kimiss a natural leader in beauty product promotion.

Reputation Marketing

Kimiss provides clients with product trials, product articles, recommendations, rankings, and much more to improve brands’ reputations with the world’s largest women’s market. This is a website focusing on the interactive, including more than a million posts about the reputation of cosmetics products.

KOL marketing

Kimiss invites some experts who have a great influence in the beauty and cosmetics to cooperate with Kimiss. They publish some articles regularly, teach the public some knowledges about the skincare, and recommend some cosmetics and makeup products.


Kimiss on weibo and wechat

As a website interactive, it attaches importance to the communication with the public. Weibo and wechat are the top two social medias which are great platforms to touch more fans and to follow the fashion trends.

Up till now, Kimiss has 275000 fans on weibo and it has published 9563 posts, the posts are mainly some good recommendations, product articles and the product trials, etc. There are also many posts relayed from some cosmetics brands and some leaders in the field of cosmetics.

Wechat is very popular in China. Kimiss starts also its campaign on wechat. Except for the content similar to that on the website and on weibo, an other item on wechat is that the fans of Kimiss can ask questions and the experts who cooperate with Kimiss answer the questions regularly.

Kimiss APP

In order to adapt the social trends, Kimiss launches its mobile application clients which is easier to log in with the mobile phone and the tablet.



Kimiss is very popular in China and has gained also the confidence of many girls, who can buy the products recommended and put their user experience on Kimiss. One problem for Kimiss is how to identify and manage the malicious slander for the brands or the false comment. Especially nowadays in the web 2.0 period, the public has the freedom to speak, and the Chinese netizens are extensive, so the management is really very difficult for Kimiss.


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