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We are a growing team of 75 marketers with a passion for China and digital marketing. We are constantly looking for new ideas in order to renew our solutions packages and always be on top of the  market trends. With 7 years of existence, we have had many satisfied customers who regularly come back to us to run their lastest campaigns.

What We Do



We analyze your positioning to find the best strategy for your campaign & set up the whole thing.


find the right KOL for you

Depending on your positioning and your target, we help you choose the right KOL


Create & manage campaigns

The actual content of your campaign on the best platforms for your project to make the buzz.



We will send you a detailed report every month

We’ve worked with some great companies already. Want to be our next chinese success story?


D’Auchel is a French luxury brand, the founder grew up in a castle in the valley of the Loire, surrounded by objects of value and quality, he grew by refining his knowledge of luxury products and its taste in the field.

The brand established in Hong Kong drew on its knowledge of French know-how and his inspirations from the dynamic Asian city to create exceptional pieces. D’Auchel contacted GMA to raise awareness around their brand on Chinese social media.

campaigns tools

Let us know about your project, your goals for China as well as your budget, and we will create a custom strategy that will answer your needs. There are different tools and platform to run KOL campaigns, not all of them are good for your brand. Let’s have a look to some of our most popular solutions.

Sponsored post

Create content and your KOL with share it on its platform.

It can be banners ads, video text. One of the most  common sponsored post on wechat are the banner ads for instance. A Kol can sponsored your products services via videos like our youtuber do in the west etc.. 

This is usually less expensive that a product review allowing you to use more KOL for more visibility.


Engage consumers with your products. Give away campaign are excellent to get attention and it allows your Kol followers to try out your products by themselves. It gives both your Kol and your brand credibility.

The contests are perfect to create the buzz around your brand. Your Kol followers will engage more easily and more actively. It is rewarding for the consumers & adds excitement to their journey to discorvers your brand.

Product review


Get a KOL to write a review of your product/service. It can be a dedicated article, a paragraph in an article, a video, a short video, a shopping note on Xiaohongshu for instance…

We pick a Kol, a platform and a format that will suit your project the most and make sens within your global marketing strategy.

Why Choose Us

Fast Process

We assess your project and put the best suitable team on it. We agree on strategy and start working on it right away.

Low Fees

We are not here to ripped you off, your success is our success. We adapt to every budget. Big or small companies, we have solutions for you.

On top of trends

We do not rest on our laurels. The best way to offer to notch services is to always come up with new marketing solutions packages

Local & Remote

We have offices in Shanghai, Paris & Taiwan. Come visit-us or give us a phone, there will always be someone to assist you.

7+ Years of Experience

We have been on the market since 2012. The company started as a blog about China Business, and we are now 75 Marketers.

Custom Consulting

Because each project is different, we come up with a custom-made strategy for each of our customers to ensure success.

commonly asked questions



KOL or Key Opinion Leaders are peoples with a strong influential power on a group of the society. Chinese KOL are particularly powerfull.


Why should I use KOL for my campaigns?

Chinese KOL have the trust of the consumers compare to brands. Many years of scandals & counterfeit have led to the emergence of strong online communities where KOL are very influencual.


How to pick my KOL?

There are many types of KOL from stars to micro influencer and also many fake. We have a dedicated KOL team as well as KOL partnership to help you find your perfect match.


What platform can i use?

Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Meipai, Douban, xiaohongshu, douyin, toutiao etc

What are the different types of KOLS?



Very expensive and super famous, they are at the top of the pyramid and often work with big brands.


Internet celebrity (Wanghong)

They are the Chinese equivalent of our Youtubers & Instagram celebrities. They are on weibo, youku, wechat, douyin …


Micro influencer

They are not as famous as Wanghong, but they are a lot cheaper and work twice as hard. Their communities trust them & are often not link to many others brands.



They are not one person but a group of peoples sharing information in a trusted community via blogging mainly (on baidu tieba for instance).