More and more people use the social networks in China, especially the young people who are the most active. But among the users of the social networks, certain stand out thanks to their number of subscribers, whom are the KOL (Key Opinion Leader), the opinion leaders. On Weibo, we count more than 30’000 KOL having at least 10’000 subscribers. The brands fast included the influence of the KOL on their audience and numerous companies call on to the Chinese bloggers, the video directors or other celebrities to promote and sell the brand.

Tao Liang alias Mrs Bag managed to sell a handbag drawn by Chinese designer and the bag cost 174000 dollars. It had been sold in only 12 minutes. The buyer paid via Wechat. The blogger collaborates now with the brand Givenchy for a special promotion where the average price of bags amounts on average to 2000 dollars.

Her capital amounts to 12 million yuans thanks to its videos

Another example of influencers on the social networks, Papi Jiang, a 30 years old Chinese, makes funny videos on the platform Youku (like YouTube). Her videos never lasts more than 5 minutes and she laughs about her daily life such as during the family meals where the elderly ask her awkward questions on her relationship. All the performance on her video is done by herself, whether it is for the script, the edit, etc…

With more than 120 million views, her capital amounts to 12 million yuan thanks to the investors such as Zhen Fund, one of the biggest investors who has more than 300 start-ups in her portfolio. Furthermore, she began to sell advertising spaces in her videos and began a partnership with the brand the Oréal and the brand of biscuit Belgian, Tuc. Further to partnerships with the brands, she also began to sell her own T-shirt, inspired of the game Warcraft, and were sold on Taobao within 36 minutes.

Live stream

Another way which allows to sell, it is the live stream. Already used on the western social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, the live on the Chinese social networks began on Renren. Filmed with the mobile phone and transmit on the social networks, the KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) transmit information or tell their life but also make demonstrations of cosmetics. The audience has the possibility of buying via Wechat. During videos expresses, the subscribers can offer virtual presents to their KOL during a live video. For some of them, the virtual presents can earn hundreds of thousand yuan a month.


The website of Chinese e-commerce such as Taobao/tmall and rival arch JD set up their own platform of streaming. This one aims at attracting the bloggers, the KOL and other celebrities to use their platform. These websites included the profit that could report the celebrities of the net and their impacts on their audience, especially to the young people who pass a great deal of time on their mobile phone. Moreover, the users of Weibo began to use the function ” Show Window ” which allows the individuals and the companies to sell directly their products on the platform through their account Weibo. The function” Show Window “, launched in 2014, also allows the users to pay via their account of payment Weibo and is used by 48 million Weibo users.

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