KPIs to measure the performances of your brand’s website

Creating a website for your brand is a very good start to succeed onto the Chinese market. Indeed, customers in China are always connected and are very sensitive to Internet’s entertainments. Nevertheless, having a website in order to promote your brand is not enough. You need to know the impact of your brand on your target. That’s the reason why Key Performance Indicators exist for your digital market. They enable you to measure your e-reputation. They allow you to evaluate the awareness of your brand on Social Networks and how tools you use work. Be careful, Chinese customers are very complicated to attract and KPI to use are not the same than in other countries.

The success of a website depends on the tools you use to attract your target. Here are some things you have to avoid in order to increase the audience.

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Use the right tools for your brand in China

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There are many ways to entertain Chinese users who are browsering through your website. First, you have to know that newsletters are not effective on this kind of consumers. Indeed, newsletters are too slow and followers can’t comment the posts as they like to do on Social Networks.

Nowadays, Chinese users are very attracted by Social Networks and they follow all trends and tendencies on brands’ pages. That’s why you can use your Wechat or Weibo pages as KPI. This enables you to measure directly what followers think about your products.

You can contact customers to survey them thanks to Wechat, QQ and even phone numbers. This will show you are interested in you consumers’ minds.

Bounce rates are very high with Chinese customers


Chinese consumers are very sensitive to websites or Social Networks channel entertainments. Indeed, their bounce rates are very high: around 70%. This indicates they can change their mind very rapidly concerning brands’ websites.

The opportunity you get to measure your SEO strategy depends mostly on Baidu displaying your page. Your referencing on Baidu is due to videos, photos, content on your websites and your activities. Then, you can measure your brand performance by relating your KPIs.

Attracting Chinese customers is not as easy as getting customers from Western countries. Indeed, their comments or reactions about videos, photos are not considered as effective KPI. Chinese customers trust users’ recommendations. That’s why you have to track endorsements of your brand and products.

The more you get recommendations, the manier followers’ endorsements you will have. Create an active endorsements around your products, your brand through good comments of their friends or family.

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Be concerned about online referencing

Referencing methods in China always change. Actually, usual KPIs you find in Western countries are not that effective regarding China’s ones. Therefore, you need a Marketing Agency in order to help you adapting your KPIs to the Chinese market.

Be attentive to your target and rethink the design of your KPIs !

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