The Chinese technology company and search engine : Baidu Inc., is the leader on the market with 80% of the share. Because the giant Chinese is nothing like the giant American Google, SEO expert on the Eastern side are scarce. This is the reason why Baidu decided to open a certification system for the public. The goal is to train professional talents of Internet marketing and hoping to hire some of them for their own team.


A market that is craving for supply

Therefore, people doing this training will receive a complete professional certification marketing search engine called Baidu Certification. The system has been lauched 3 years ago and already trained more than 3000 applicants, students, clients or even entrepreneur. It is clear that Baidu Certification training is experiencing a great demand in IT industry area and that it became a global standard for many successful IT companies. But the explosive growth of the industry is difficult to contain. There are too much demand and an insufficient supply of talent to meet the market needs.

Therefore, Baidu decided to collaborate with universities, professional educational institutions, industry associations and leading companies, all over the country. On of its project is to roll out a « talent scout project ». However the demand for talented Internet marketing is about 1.16 million so even the training won’t be enough to fill out the gap of Internet marketing job position opening in China where 550,000 to 650,000 position are missing without taking into account the rate growth of 30% each year.


Sounds like a promising industry

A Baidu’s representative interviewed by the ChinaTechNews explained how the Baidu certification system was taught. It is divided into four classes targeting mainly Internet marketing professionals but also others who are interested in the sector. This training will provide skills and knowledge of marketing concepts, data analysis, implementation and account management, optimization for search engines and search engine marketing. All those capacities will be used during development and transition of new products and services to meet customer needs and respond to emerging technological trends.

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