The level of English of the French is really lower than Chinese People?


The level of English in France is currently between ambivalence and decay. Today, the country took the last place in the European ranking of English proficiency , according to the largest analysis of the level of English proficiency in the world, published by EF Education First .

EF Education First, the world leader in international education, today unveiled the third edition of the Index of English proficiency (EF EPI). In addition to ranking 60 countries and territories based on their English skills, the EF EPI index includes for the first time an analysis of trends in English language proficiency over a period of six years.

This index also shows the correlations between the English skills of the population of a country and the economy the country. “The comparison with neighboring countries, trading partners and competitors provides a fascinating analysis of the differences that exist among national and educational policies” said Dr. Christopher McCormick , Head of Academic Affairs and Research Network University of EF Education First .

The latest rankings are based on tests conducted in 2012 by 750,000 adults from 60 countries. The analysis of the evolution of English skills over a period of six years (2007 to 2012) is based on data from tests taken by more than 5 million adults .

The Scandinavian countries monopolize the classification and Asia continues its growth …

In the field of English language proficiency, the Scandinavian countries continue to dominate the ranking, while Asia is ahead of Latin America and the Middle East. France moved to 35th place.

anglais français

While the rest of Europe is already proficient in English or working diligently to achieve this goal, France follows a totally different path, as eight other countries, with weaker results .

These can be explained by multiple factors including the low exposure of French students in English-language daily, the lack of language labs in schools associated with a historic protectionism of the language of Molière.

The poor results of France strengthen a study by the European Commission in June 2012, highlighting the shortcomings of students relatively to their European peers. “This situation could still change over time if the priority is given to the state level for investment in learning English,” says Nenad Djokic CEO EF France.



Ranking of countries in this third edition of the Index of English proficiency EF EPI

1 . Sweden
2 . Norway
3 . Netherlands
4 . Estonia
5. Denmark
6 Austria
7 . Finland
8 . Poland
9 . Hungary
10 . Slovenia
11 . Malaysia
12 . Singapore
13. Belgium
14. Germany
15 . Latvia
16. Switzerland
17. Portugal
18 . Slovakia
19. Argentina
20 . Czech Republic
21. India
22. Hong Kong
23. Spain
24 . South Korea
25 . Indonesia
26. Japan
27. Ukraine
28. Vietnam
29. Uruguay
30 . Sri Lanka
31. Russia
32. Italy
33. Taiwan
34. China
35. France
36. UAE
37. Costa Rica
38. Brazil
39 . Peru
40 . Mexico
41. Turkey
42. Iran
43 . Egypt
44 . Chile
45 . Morocco
46. British
47. Kuwait
48 . Ecuador
49. Venezuela
50 . Jordan
51. Qatar
52. Guatemala
53. Salvador
54. Libya
55 . Thailand
56. Panama
57. Kazakhstan
58. Algeria
59 . Saudi Arabia
60 . Iraq
Source : EF Education First


What do you think of this ranking ?

I live in China for 7years, and I have to say that : “at least 95% of Chinese population can not speak English”..; So How they make this statistics… ?

I know, we French People may not have perfect accents, do a lot of mistakes, but … compare to Chinese people it is a big Gap. For them, it is a totally different language not a latin language.

Even Worth than Chinese, Japanese are 26 ? Most of the Japanese in China, can not speak english, and Japanese are know to have a terrible English.


But even if French people speak bad english, France still attract a lot of tourists: you can see here an article about Provence in France, the dream of Chinese Tourists !