Introduction: Xiaohongshu aka The Little red book announced that after the official store, they will launch the second transformation scene tool – mini-program, and invited a bulk of brands to test. After the successful registration of the mini-program, the brand can display the entries in the menu bar, and add the link of the mini program in the published article, then consumers can directly complete the purchase through the mini program.

Little Red Book is trying to use multiple channels to create the “business closed loop”

Little Red Book has reportedly over 100 million monthly active users, 72 percent of whom are born in the 1990s. Under such conditions, Little Red Book has been trying to transfer its advantages from online to offline, and from the content community to the content e-commerce platform.

In January of this year, Little Red Book upgraded its “brand account” function, enabling all registered merchants to connect online with offline stores. Merchants can show their information to consumers through home pages, articles, comments and other ways to build closer ties with them.


Little Red Book added new function- mini program

For consumer businesses, mini-program means new traffic, and businesses will not turn down opportunities like that. The brand in the Little Red Book can set up shop and mini-program at the same time, which will bring more traffic and higher conversion rate for the brand.

Back in 2017, WeChat launched the mini program. Subsequently, the company such as Alipay, Baidu also rolled out mini-program in succession. In 2019, WeChat mini program has exceeded 300 million daily active users and generated over 800 billion transactions. These companies use mini-program to diversify the content of their apps while addressing the commercial needs of their users. The purpose of the little red book is the same, using the mini-program to cover the industries that the official store doesn’t have, and provide a new scene for service consumption, to create a more efficient business closed loop.

Conclusion : In its early days,  the mini-program was regarded as an alternative to the app. But in fact, the information of a single app is relatively not enough, which limits the height of growth. The mini-program thus has a greater potential to develop. But the Little Red Book still has a lot to do if they want to use the mini-program to spread information or increase e-commerce sales.


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