Little red book is one of the most popular lifestyle sharing platform in China. As of July 2019, Little red book has more than 300 million users, 70 percent of whom are born after the 1990s, with first-tier and second-tier cities accounting for the vast majority of users. Users can share their lives on the platform through text, pictures, videos, and other ways. At first, Little red book was used by users to share their shopping lists and travel tips on overseas trips, and it quickly became a platform for consumers (mostly women) to share their shopping tips.



More industries begin to layout on Little Red Book

In terms of topic, Little red book has long been famous for its KOLs’ sharing of beauty cosmetics. Little red book also opened an e-commerce platform at the end of 2014 to help brands and merchants increase sales and traffic. “Fashion” has become the stereotype of most ordinary consumers for Little red book, and Little red book has been trying to develop service in a more diversified way. Since February 2020, the topic of food has surpassed the topic of beauty and makeup to become the most viewed topic in Little red book. The topic of “Cooking food at home” has been viewed by 390 million people with more than 510,000 articles.

According to Little red book’s spokesman, in addition to food, cultural entertainment, fitness, education and other topics have been greatly increased.

The reason why content structure on Little red book has changed

The change in the content structure is noteworthy. On the one hand, affected by the outbreak of the virus, people have reduced the frequency of going out and increased the time for online entertainment. On the other hand, other industries besides beauty are beginning to realize the huge traffic of the Little Red Book.


2019 is a critical year in the commercialization process of Little red book, whose business model is transformed to build a marketing platform for the brand. This means that little red book traffic will enter a new phase. Breaking the stereotype of merchants and users, and developing forward to a more diversified way is what Little red book trying to do. In addition to the existing strategies, Little red book will also support the development of live streaming e-commerce on the platform, providing more choices for merchants and users.


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