Little Red book announced on Feb 11 that they will select some accounts and offer a free live streaming function for them, and due to the coronavirus situation right now, Little red book will support some live streaming contents regarding supporting Wuhan.

Little red book is constantly trying to develop the live streaming business

In fact, at the end of the last December, Little Red Book already said that they will offer e-commerce live streaming for merchants, and in the future, they will publish products buying pages to support live streaming. That may relevant to the action at this time, but live streaming function in Little red book is still in the process of collecting data, we may still need to wait sometime for the next step.

Little red book officially provides 7 live content modules, which are cloud class, cloud fitness, cloud shopping, commodity display, knowledge sharing, e-commerce, and others. This also means the little red book will put effort into these aspects.

Little Red Book (or xiaohongshu) it is little bit same same but different. 

Little red book already tests live streaming function for a long time, but it was mainly for creators. This time, little red book will open to merchants, which is very similar to Taobao e-commerce live streaming.

Little red book offers a live streaming function for the corporate account is a very important measure to connect customers with merchants. Some merchants said they feel in a very positive way that live streaming function will enhance the brand marketing for them, and achieve a great ROI. This will give businesses more confidence, and for customers, this is also a good channel for them to interact with merchants, and to know more about the product and the brand.


To sum up, Little red book keeps modifying its live streaming function gives merchants a new marketing solution both online and offline. They will build a more effective circle with customers. The customer can be attracted by the product or the brand on little red book, meanwhile, they can know more about the product or buy it directly on live streaming.


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