Marketing during London Olympic Games in China


The London Olympic Games has already ended on 13th of August. But a marketing game is still carrying on thousands of miles away in China.

Car market

In China, the car makers have made reaction to the Olympic Games that takes place once every four years. Most of have brought out their Olympic Collection cars. However, those cars are usually slightly modified, even only a little bit lower price.
On the contrast, BMW made a big campaign this year. They invested a show in Beijing before the Games and also provided committee of Olympic Games with 4,000 cars.

Portal website

Unlike car makers, portal website made a great effort to promote themselves, especially Sohu (Sohu is one of the biggest portal in China and it is currently the 44th overall in Alexa’s internet rankings) and Tencent (Tencent’s diverse services include social networks, web portals, e-commerce, and multiplayer online games. It operates the well-known instant messenger Tencent QQ and runs one of the largest web portals in China, source: wikipedia).

Tencent Page

Sohu picked MOTO to cooperate this time. They have conducted a real life show which was starred by 8 celebrities who toured in London during Olympic Games. The result is satisfying that they get over 8 million visits and 37 million VV in the first 2 weeks.
Tencent cooperated with 361°, They took a more interactive strategy that they take materials provided by Chinese netizens and interact with them on all the platforms of Tencent.

Olympic Games are the golden time for portals because many people search information at this time. That’s why the competition between portals is so fierce. However, to get cooperation with them also becomes difficult during the Games.


The ecommerce companies seem to be quite calm during the Olympic Games, but there’s one exception: Suning, it is one of the largest privately owned electrical appliance retailers in China. source: wiki.

This time Suning sponsors the CCTV (China Central Television) which is the most expensive ad platform you can find in China. Besides, Suning also puts ads around the topic of “Olympic” on bus, metro, website to maximize its coverage.
For the big sports events past few years, Ecommerce companies are seldom seen to make big promotions probably because that the market is already monopolized by Taobao. That explains why the challenger Suning pushed so hard this time.

Snack and dairy

Snack and dairy companies stay quite calm this time.
In the dairy field, the most active company is Yili, the second largest dairy maker in China. Before the Olympic Games, Yili prepared 4 videos talking about stories of four common Chinese. And then they put the image of these four people on the buses in London.
Among snack makers, Panpan (one of the top 10 snack makers in China) prepared video ads and put them everywhere on TV.
Snacks and dairy are much better sold during Olympic Games, according to a report from Sohu. But the promotion doesn’t look so positive.
But when the games are taking place in London, it is late or mid night in China. What’s more, it’s hot in summer. These two reasons will influence the appetite of the customers. However, in Olympic Games, the competition of beer, snack and dairy companies is way more intensive.

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