Chinese Media Buying

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Benefits of Media Buying

Sophisticated target algorithm

You can easily reach Chinese consumers and increase your visibility more accurately with ultra targetted ads.

Mobile phone

Direct response mobile advertising is a rapidly growing and evolving market filled with opportunity for both users and advertisers. In a broad sense, mobile media buying includes any advertisement that appears on a mobile web page or application.

95% of Chinese consumers are now using their phones to shop online, and your brand can engage these consumers through direct response mobile advertising


Video Format ads

n short Video is effective, Weibo is a super smart social tool & targeted media buying coupled with DSP works for a large-scale brand effort on this scale.

Additionally it’s evidence that a News Based Approach through DSP really does drive qualified engagement, being newsworthy with the rise of News APPs & Aggregators in China is becoming a vital component of campaigns.

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How can we help as an Agency?

We provide the best in Chinese display advertising and online media buying including RTB, programmatic, retargeting, video ads, and much more.

Advertising banners

banner ads are still widely used in China! There are two types of banners: static and animated that will have to be chosen according to your project.

From the choice of the form of the banner to the analysis of the results of the campaign, our agency is there to take charge of your project


We can advise you on launching your brand in Chinese market through our expertise. We can also help you, from statistics that we provide, to adapt the strategy put in place if necessary. Some important things to consider: based on Western themes. Chinese consumers do not simply want free app, but something that is suitable for China.

Campaign Management

Optimization and managment of your campaigns for cost efficient results. Every month we discuss and correct the direction of the campaign if it does not meet your expectations.