Baidu seo

Chinese number #1 Search Engine

Why should I use Baidu SEO?

Organic Traffic - Quality Traffic

80% Chinese netizens use search engines to find what they want online. The visitors from SEO are 50 times more likely convert than audience of direct ads..


Search engine are linked

If you rank on baidu, you’ll rank on other search engine. For example, if your keywords appear at the first position Baidu, it will have a positive effect on your google ranking.

Cost Efficient

According to our experience, the cost for SEO marketing is usually 5-6 times lower than that of PPC (pay per click). What’s more, the cost of SEO is stable which won’t increase or decrease when there are more or less clicks..

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Challenging ?

SEO Audit of Your Chinese Website

Baidu focuses sites and pages based on certain criteria. These can be very different from what you might have faced on Google. Our agency has the necessary expertise to optimize your site in China, and offers a comprehensive range of services related to this task.


Language and Content

Baidu only takes into account the Chinese language, you must then write your site entirely in Chinese in order to be well referenced.

Your content should of course interest your readers, but also be frequent and refreshed regularly.


These links from external sites are appreciated by Baidu. This is particularly the case when they come from highly recognized or governmental sites, for example