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T-Mall is the biggest chinese e-commerce plateform with a conversion rate that can be up to 25%. Highly trusted by consumers, it is the place to be for big brands. It has a global plateform that make it easier for foreign brand to join in.



The second player of the chinese e-commerce industry. It has the most developped logistic service of China and is associated to innocation & technologies. The plateform also offers a global option and has the trust of customers.



This social-ecommerce plateform is much smaller than tmall or JD  but also a lot cheaper with a growing interest from chinese consumers. The app core contant revolve around customers reviews. It makes it easy for buyer to do research about a product with out having to quit the plateform.


Wechat Store

WeChat Store is another social-media-ecommerce plateforme. The competition is less fierce and the plateform is great for story telling & brand communication.

Contact us to get started and get our expertise on your e-commerce project. There is multiples plateforms but they are not all suitable for you.

Our solutions


Registration & shop design

Openning a store on a chinese plateform can be a huge hassle: language & cultural barriere, paper work for instance. We can help with the adminsitrative part as well as designing a store that will fit your brand culture as well as answering the code of Chinese e-commerce.

shop management

Your Shop is going to need frequent update to rank and keep potentiel customers interessted. our creative and copywritting team can take care of this: products upload, banners etc

promotion management

A healthy store in China needs to be able to follow the differents festival and sales that come with them but also to surprise visitors with interessting events.

multi-channel marketing strategy

In China more than anywhere else, brand awareness is necessary. With out a smart mutli-channel marketing strategy you might get traffic on your store & zero conversion. Be everywhere chinese consumers are looking for you and answers all their question before they can even ask!