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Why should you not ignore this aspect of marketing?

Different country, different mindset

It should not be a surprise at all, but the chinese mindset is very different from your own mindset. Actually China itself is a huge country with varied way of doing business.

Understand your customers needs

In a country plagued by scandales and fake products, consumers are looking for reliability and it is not easy to gain their trust. Understanding the culture (food, art, philosophy etc..) is another point not to ignore.

Hiring locals & running company in china

The work ethic is also different from what you are used to. There is not much system in place, big turnover and mistakes are not punished but seen as a way to learn as long as it happens fast.


The importance of language

Chinese Mandarin is a complex language and the language to use if you plan on succeeding in China. English is common in big cities but a minority of chinese speak it and you won’t rank on Baidu with english.

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Selecting local channels will dictate the type of content and strategy you engage in. mart Channel Selection begins with understanding the different Chinese eco-systems.

Your global strategy won't work here

This seems like an obvious point but is important to bear in mind. Your marketing in China can be run largely independently of wider operations & strategies.



Pre-market survey’s & reports allow you to analyse your target through interviews and studies of this target’s engagement with competitor’s similar offerings. Know your place in the sector.


You’ve read a lot of hype on the vast number of MAU’s and perhaps presume higher engagement rates will come naturally. WeChat & Weibo campaigns take a lot of time & energy to get right in these highly competitive environments.