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China Tourism Facts

180 million expectied Chinese Outbound Trips in 2019

Outbound tourism in China has undergone significant changes in recent decades. The volume of international travel by Chinese travellers grew from 10 million in 2000 to nearly 100 million in 2013

a new kind of tourists

If shopping tourism to Europe is still a thing, Chinese tourism is shifting toward a more adventurous kind of tourism. Illustrated with a trend of independant travellers to destinations such south east Asia.

This trips are planned online

From reasearch on the destination, to hotels booking, restaurant, flight tickets, everything is online and multi-channel. Therefore being present on both social media, forum and booking platform is a must.

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Social Media Marketing has become the strategy to adopt in the tourism industry in China. A social network is more personal and encourages sharing by word of mouth.


One of the effective way to reach the Chinese travelers is advertising through search engines. Baidu, is by far the leader of Chinese search engine, with nearly 80% market share. Ranking on Baidu requiere a chinese website as well as good content regular in Mandarin.


 The Chinese tourists do not use the usual travel agency sites. The main online travel agencies (OTA) are CTrip, eLong and Qunar. This market is clearly very competitive but with the good strategy, can be very lucrative.