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Why do you need pr in china?


the best way to build your e-reputation

Public Relations remain the major factor for brands to project their image, improve visibility and reach out to their target audience in Chinese internet. Starting with online portals to improve e-reputation, a brand has a huge duty to reach out to the Chinese by creating product awareness through public relations. The role of public relations in the China can promote a brand, manage community and build strong confidence among the target audience.


Surf on the trends & get viral

Trending topics, subjects, keywords, events & national holidays all provide the chance for savy brands & business to tap into the pulse of social communication and increase the relevancy of their content. By referencing popular trends and adapting to them you also increase engagement levels and the viewing figures for your featured content.

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chinese Media

Public Relations through Chinese media agencies are the most effective because the Chinese patronize to a great extent their internet tools than any internet community. Social media platforms like Sena Weibo, WeChat, JD and RenRen are the most used by the Chinese internet consumers, and these can be used by brands for media buying and campaign management. Brands image and visibility can be improved from these social platforms for products awareness campaign. SEO ranking in PPC and SEM through Chinese search engines can improve image, visibility and increase conversion rates.


The Key Opinion Leaders [KOL]

Public Relations are run by key opinion leaders in the banner display, billboard screens and other mobile devices capable of reaching brand targeted audience. WeChat, for example, uses banner display where key opinion leaders appear with the brand logo below them to promote the image product of brands. Banner display using key opinion leaders can be done on billboards’ screen with the brand logo and product being marketed to improve brand sales in the China.