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How to find reliable business partner in China?
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establish yourself as a reference

Trust never comes by default in China. You’ll have to gain visibility and a reputation in your field. PR and SEO are a great way to achieve this in a first step. 

Being a foreign company is not enough

If it is certainly an advantage to be a foreign company, it is cedrtainly not the key of success here. Big or small, if no once has ever heard of you in China and you don’t plan to work on it, you are set for failure.


With capital control in China, companies are less and less inclined to invest in foreign markets. This does not, however, apply to services facilitating the growth of the country.

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How we can help


Increase visibility on Baidu

It is necessary to develop a Chinese version of your site. It will have to be hosted in China or in a neighborg country.  Make sure you have the right search keywords in order to drive traffic to your potential prospects.

EPRs are essential for high visibility

Nowoday, digital is the way to go. Great content can easily become viral in China. Our team create original & valuable content in mandarin. It will helps not only to get view but also to rank on Baidu.

Social media as launchpad

WeChat is the first step in converting your prospects. As a flagship application in the Middle kingdrom, you need to be familiar with its use in a professional setting to help you promote your offers.