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Health market facts


Health has become a priority

After years of scandals over locals products, pollution and environment problems, Chinese population has started to raise concern about their health. This combine to income raise has lead to an increasing demand for health related products.


High-end machinery

If most of the instruments used in China’s hospitals and laboratories are from local brands there is a demand for high-end tool that are not being produced in China.



More than 2000 mobile apps for healthcare haVE been launched, from simple medical advice to appointment booking, hoping in the middle-run tailored digital services will release some pressure for overcrowded hospitals. Not only there’s still a shortage in resources, the distribution of equipment and beds are not efficiently organized to optimize time management for treatment priorities.

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what should you keep in mind?


Innovation is the key

Chinese pharmaceutical groups are focused on answering the big demands of the market. To compensate for this, many local groups are seeking partnerships with foreign pharmaceutical companies to develop unique and innovative pharmaceutical products.


Digital is the way: Get Website

Before any purchase and consulting demand, Chinese patients will search on Baidu information about your company. Getting a website optimized for baidu is necessary.


think e-reputation: become the reference in your sector

When it comes to healthcare the Chinese research more extensively than in any other sector. It is therefore vital to develop your e-reputation on forums, in the e-media and on Baidu’s related platforms in order to instill trust, respect and build a quality, loyal customer base.