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Why Sell on T-MALL GLOBAL?


Some Figures

In 2017, 67% of Chinese consumers made a cross-border e-commerce order, among them 65% makes an order once a month and 11.6% once a week. .


The regulations are specific to each country. To facilitate trade, China has established specific zones for the cross border e-commerce allowing fast transactions and simplified logistics..


Even if cross-border e-commerce is developing in many different sectors, some of these are significantly booming compared to others: cosmetics and care products, food, fashion products (including luxury goods since Chinese customs are increasingly restricting the business of Daigou), the products for moms and babies have a very interesting potential market..

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What should be the first step for launching my business? 

Social Media & E-reputation

You will have to work on social media marketing, and leverage the Chinese social network to get the most visibility you can get. Here are the various possibility you have.


With “Universal Postal Union” UPU an informal export technique that allows mainly to send small parcels in China. Once in China it is the national post service that takes over to deliver the package to the destination

Payments are made in RMB

The CBEC is not a problem in the eurozone, but how is FOREX doing in establishing business with China? Indeed, paying / being paid in a foreign currency before exchanging it in the currency of one’s country can lead to the payment of unexpected costs and nibble the margins made on sales.