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Kols Marketing Strategy on China #1 Social Media
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WHY use a Wechat Kol marketing strategy?

Kols have the netizen Trust

  • After years of scandals Chinese consumers do not give up their trust easily, especialy to official sources. However, the Kols seems to be imune to this and their opinion can have a huge impact on a brand/company success in China.

Wechat is the #1 Chinese social media

  • Wechat is a mega app with its own eco-systeme. It has 1 billions active users and having an official accounts gives you credibility. Having a Kols promoting your brand on wechat give your both credibility and visibility.

Many way to advertize with kols

  • You will have at least 3 way to promot your brand with a chinese KOL. From blog post about your brand, product review, banner ads at the end of their post, contest&give away…

Now, it can be challenging to find the perfect KOL, fake account are as common as in western social media and famous influencer can be unreasonnably expensive. Contact-us to talk about our solutions with one of our expert.

How can We can help?

AUDIT of your account

  • We analyze your wechat account and do market research to find the best strategies for your campaigns. If you don’t have a wechat account yet, we can take care of it.


  • We have been in the industry for many years now and have many contact in the Kols world. We will find you the best fit for your brand at the best prices.

Optimization & DETAILED REPORT

  • As we are results-driven, we work on optmizing any campaign from launch day to the end. We also send a detailed report every month.