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Why Should You Create a WeChat Official Account?

95% of Chinese poeples use it

Tencent’s WeChat, as China’s largest social media platform with 987 million Monthly Active Users, has evidently developed a fascinating & lucrative model for growth in what has become a ‘WeChat Centric Society’.


Very effective as content is being pushed into user’s networks directly. P2P sharing on WeChat is an important element for growth. P


Companies want to reach WeChat users. Therefore ad options are changing and becoming more accessible for registered accounts.

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3 types of accounts


Subscription Accounts

Perfect for companies whose business chore is content such as media company. You can post 1 message a day that will appears in a special files with others subscritions accounts.


Service accounts

Our favorite one. favor quality content over quantity, appears as a friend message. Up to 4 messages a month. Enable wechat pay, store, ads and geolocalization.

Enterprise accounts

Best for company management. This is a closed account that require both the account admin and follower to accept each other before content can be shared. Perfect for news letter and limited edition, luxury brands love it.