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Why Invest Marketing budget in little red book?


Customer trust

Chinese consumers tend not to trust official sources but others consumers instead. Little red Book is based on users generated content or word of mouth. The core of the content is products rating via shopping note. The perfect environment for KOL marketing.

one of the Fastest growing app

Launch in 2013, it has 0.1 billion registered users and 30 million monthly active users. Most of them being women between 18 and 35 years old from 1st tiers cities.

E-commerce Plateform

Xiaohongshu has also an e-commerce section. Companies or merchants who have formed partnership with the platform can sell their products online. Like tmall or JD in China, Xiaohongshu is known to sell authentic products.

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Should you consider selling on it?


Cosmetics are kings

60% of the users are women between 18 and 35 from 1st tiers city.  The best selling category is cosmetic. Clothings is getting more popular.


Selling options

Have your own store or sell as a third party. Each of them as its benefits and little red book is less expensive than the market leader (tmall/JD).


Build e-reputation

For small brand that needs to get visibility, the app is a good start. It offer a good base to create a community and contrary to wechat is an open social media.